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mchaney1January 9, 2008

Are there sites out there with pictures of finished basements? I know the Kitchen area had a blog set up. Does this forum have such a thing?


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That is a nice idea site which dgmarie references. I've seen it before.

Our basement does not quite meet the standards shown there - especially the molding, however it was a DIY and for entertaining rather than day-to-day. Some photos are linked from "My Page." Your post does not mention anything about your space - whether you are going to finish, redecorate existing; or if it is walk-out, English or standard. Hope these get you started.

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I'd like more pictures like fnmroberts ... something by "real" people, DIYers.

I don't know the basement jargon, but I think ours is considered a walk-out. Windows along the back wall with one door that walks out onto our "patio/basketball court". We've refinished a garage to a rec-room for DH (man-cave), this was basically DIY, although DH paid a friend a little to help finish the drywall. The other 1/2 of the basement will be 1/2 bath - which is already there (maybe add a shower stall), a hobby room/computer room for me (I scrapbook - and have a long countertop and cabinets for a work area already in storage), a small area for DD and a large closed off area for storage (x-mas, luggage, general stuff). PROBLEM, our air handler sits in the middle of the room. Right now it is boxed off on three sides with a wall between it and a support pole. That small wall will be a 1/2 wall in the new design. Our basement houses all our duct, water, plumbing, etc - so we'll be installing a drop ceiling of types for easy access to those things.

This basement is a second living area and isn't really our primary living area, but at least one member of the family is down there almost everyday and we use it to access the house most of the time.

Any suggestions and PICTUREs would be great!!!


btw, DH is a hvac man and as soon as the current handler goes out, it will probably be changed to gas and moved - but not till it's dead.

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Christy~Maybe your husband could help answer some questions I have about my basement bathroom remodel?
There was a sheet metal box jutting into the corner, that we could cut a vent into for central heat. Since we moved the wall back, extending the room, this box is no longer in the corner, so we drywalled around it.
My husband and his friend rounded this box to match the neo-round shower, which I understand was a lot of work, but to me it looks horrible! Maybe it wouldn't be so bad without the vent stuck in the middle of it. There is an eyeball recessed light behind the soffit they created, in the corner, that the mirror will be mounted under. The soffit blocks most of the light from this fixture.
The neo-round shower is in the opposite corner. My husband did a beautiful tile job, with a stone border.
This half of the ceiling is drywalled, the other half is suspended, with smooth gypsum tiles. We needed access to several shut-offs. It doesn't look drastically different, but I wonder if a suspended ceiling could have been used over the shower as well?
I don't think we needed a vent, the combo fan/light/heater seems like it should be adequate for our needs?
What is involved in removing this sheet metal box altogether?
I don't like how it turned out at all, and am maybe considering tearing down the drywall on the ceiling (husband will love me for that, ha!) and doing suspended tiles throughout, esp. if we can get rid of that box.
We haven't installed the frameless shower doors, mirror, vanity or toilet yet. Please help!

Here is a link that might be useful: Picture of Neo-round Shower

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these r of more smaller and less fancy basements

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Try this site. I couldn't remember it before... I like they tell you the cost. These are not cheap but the befores and afters are a nice touch.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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