Basement Stair Winder Tread Depth

yingkaiJanuary 11, 2011

During renovating my basement, I am trying to change my u-shape stair to L-shape. Since the current two flights are located between two structural beams on the basement ceiling, I have to use winder tread to shorten the second flight so that it can go underneath the beam with enough headroom(6'8").

After checking on the web about the stair code, it seems all winder tread can't be narrower than 6", even in the inner corner. For 3-winder L-shape, it makes the use of winder pointless. People uses winders to fit stair in smaller stair well. But if the inner side of tread maintains larger than 6" then the stair will use a larger well than not using winders. Am I correct? Can someone advise me on how to fit a stair in a smaller well? Thanks.


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I ran into the same section in the code book. After several feverish nights (the stair I was planning worked nowhere else) I conferred with one of the higher-ups at the planning dept. That section of the code applies to egress to a unit, not stairs within a unit. If they led to another apartment, they would be subject to that crazy 6" minimum-width rule; within a unit, they can be tight winders with a 0" minimum width at the inside corner. I breathed several sighs of relief when this was explained.

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