share your ideas or pictures for a finished walkout basement

lucy7280January 13, 2007

About halfway through building our new home we decided to finish most of the lower level basement walkout (about 2000sf)sooner rather than later...i feel a little burnt our making so many decisions for the main part of the house; i could use some help and inspiration. Many of our friends have sort of a "theme" ...a ski lodge look, a caribbean look, a new york cityscape look...all very cool... We have three main areas that are all tied together...a pool table area, a tv/fireplace area, and a this point i cant even decide what color cabinets to get for the please show me, tell me, inspire me! themes or no themes...i'll take any help i can get!

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Ours isn't a walk-out but photos are linked from "My Page".

Hopefully you have had rough-ins installed for a bath and wet bar. Otherwise, I personally feel the best thing to do is imagine your space and how you will use it, then draw plans. The electrical and construction can just as easily be done later. In my opinion, there are too many decisions necessary for the living area to get bogged down in a secondary space unless you need it for a specific purpose right away. Good luck, everyone should build a home once, that cured us!

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