noisy neighbors--please help!!!!!

kylekangarooMay 10, 2008

Ok, here is my situation, I really need some advice and HELP!

I live on the third floor and the people below me are constantly making noise. These people are in there late 30's, use drugs, but most of all make noise and music all the time, especially when Im trying to sleep. They dont work, so they dont care. They walk in and out of there apartment all night, and I live in an old building, so its loud, you can hear everything. They have there drum they play with there techno music all night long when Im trying to sleep because I have to work, unlike them! Here is what I have tried to do to solve the problem:

-Contacted the manager, who says he is going to evict them, but never does anything about actually following through with it. I call him almost everyday complaining to him so he understands my problem. he has spoken with them, but nothing has changed. He says its complicated and that "The Process" whatever that is takes two months...He says call the police...which is what I have been doing.

-The police have come to the apartment about four times and nothing has changed, so I guess they dont listen to that either. The police told me that the manager/owner is the one that needs to take care of this problem.

So I am stuck with what to do...PLEASE HELP! I am in desperate need of sleep. I am a 21 year old and I just cant believe how selfish and rude people can be :(

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Give your 30 days' notice and move - you have a right to 'reasonable enjoyment' (a legal term) of your premises and life and if others make it intolerable to live there then do something about it.

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Contacted the manager, who says he is going to evict them, but never does anything about actually following through with it. I call him almost everyday complaining to him so he understands my problem. he has spoken with them, but nothing has changed. He says its complicated and that "The Process" whatever that is takes two months.

Your Mgr/LL is not lying. In my State it takes 30-45 days minimum for eviction process, start to finish. That includes filing, serving notice to tenant, getting a court date (back logged and what is supposed to be typically 30 days is more like 45) and then going to court and getting a judgment, then having Sheriff escort them out. Much as we would like immediate relief with some situations, the law prevails and does not cover instant gratification.

Calling the police only helps the LL's cause, because it shows laws are being broken with written police reports available, which does help with eviction proceedings.

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Moonshadow and your landlord are correct. There has to be a court order for an eviction to take place.

Keep calling the police and make sure they have your landlords contact information. The police reports will help him get the judgement for eviction in court.

Also, you say you have talked to the manager. Have you talked to the Landlord too? The landlord might not know what is going on. Managers do not have the legal right to evict anyone and if this is a complex, some get bonuses based on occupancy.

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Well, being on the top floor you really have the advantage of making noise, but anyway.
I feel for you, I really do.
Since you have complained, had police involved and the LL is def aware of the problem and at your age 21, I wouldnt give a "rats arse" about rules and regulations, if they are making your life miserable, I would just PACK UP and MOVE, End of story.

I wish you luch, truly.

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Yea but if you move your liable for the rent until your lease is upi or your landlord re-rents the apartment.
I'm going through the same thing, accept our landlord isn't taking the other tenants seriously. People that live in apartments should respect each other and before they sign the lease the landlord should let them know about being noisy. I'm one more time from leaving and I have proof. The LL will try and take me to court but hopefully with all of the proof and the other tenants complaints will help the case. If its gets that far! The other tenants in the building are really nice and their kids are really nice also. This girl lets the kids do whatever she wants and thinks that because he dad is a DIVORCE lawyer she will get away with things because she threatens to take you to court. I told her "BRING IT ON" !

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Hi K,
You mentioned that they are doing drugs. Is this known with certainty? I am not sure HOW you go about this, but if the police were made aware of their drug activity (dealing??? they are clearly making money for rent and more drugs SOMEWHERE if they are not working. And all of that in/out traffic!?), a police bust would probably put your problems to rest. You might ask the police about this.
My neighbor problems pale in comparison to the things I've read on this site tonight.
Good luck,

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I've lived through the same situation more than once in my life. I can tell you that you are banging your head against a stone wall if you think there is a reasonable solution. You can not change your neighbors' behavior--if they were decent and law abiding, they wouldn't be inconsiderate and out of control. Unfortunately, the only thing that you can do is move--it's a hassle but the peace of mind you'll get will be well worth it. Just be glad that you can pick up and leave. You'd be stuck if you had a house. From my experience and others, if you give two weeks notice and leave, your landlord will leave you alone although he'll threaten you with a lawsuit. Usually these are idle threats--it costs more for him to take you to court than to fix up the apartment for the next tenant. I would, however, advise him several times in writing about the problem so you have documentation to support your cause. And once you leave, I'd notify the police about your neighbors' drug activity.

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