Lighting in Basement

ajj157January 16, 2007

I am remodeling and am having trouble deciding how much lighting I will need in the main living area. I am going to use recessed lighting. Does anyone have a good idea of how many 'cans' to use for a room about 16x16? The cans I bought are rated for 65 watts.

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I just finished my basement with all recessed lights. 65 watt floods spread light very well. Four of them should be fine. If you need more lights for playing table games, etc., consider getting 6 and putting them on a dimmer.

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I'd say at least 16, maybe more.

Split them on two (or three) switches (dimmers) and don't have them all on the same circuit.

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To be more clear, I'd say either 9 (3x3 grid ) or 16 (4x4).

Probably 9 would do it.

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I put 6 cans (2x3 grid) in a space similar to that (14x16). Except I have 75 watt, all on a dimmer. I always use the dimmer for watching movies.

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If you go to the link from "My Page", I have posted a schematic of our basement with lighting placement shown. Ours are separated onto many dimmers, not more than 3 on an individual dimmer, so that atmosphere can be created. We also have two sconces not shown on the plan.

My belief is that lighting is very important and should not be the place to economize when finishing a space.

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I would say 3x3 would be plenty. A rec. light gives off a cone off light with a diameter approx equal to its height. A 3x3 would be a light every 4 ft. I would also include some sconces and maybe a light dedicated to the stairway landing. Include 3 way switches so you can turn them off/on upstairs or down.

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I went to the local lowes to check out prices on can lights and was floored by all the options.

I brought home a shallow 6" one made by Juno because I thought mounting them a bit highter in the joist, might make for a better look. But they are $18/each... I don't know if I really need to spend that much. They have some for $6. I like that figure better.

So for mounting in the basement, without a drop ceiling, no drywall, does it matter what kind I get?
Does it have to be IC?
How close to the subfloor above can it be mounted?

Also, I'm thinking about painting the fixtures when I spray the entire ceiling. Any problems with that?

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