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moonerJanuary 10, 2010

Hi, I am probably in the wrong forum for this question, but here goes. I wondered if anyone had ever used the product Riddex. It is something that you can plug into the wall and it is supposed to keep mice from entering your house. Any help would be appreciated.


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That's in the "too good to be true" category:


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never tried it but I doubt it could work.

I have gone on the attack against mice and have come up with the following solution which has worked quite well:

Outside gragae doors, at all outside corners: Use D-Con covered traps with peanut butter as the bait. I put these out in late August just before the cooler nights start. Once we get to late spring & summer, i remove them. I have 4 garage doors so i need 8 traps.

Inside garages: Always set up. D-Con poison bait traps with poison blocks PLUS Ortho Defense Max snap traps. The ortho snap traps are the best snap traps I have ever used. Use peanut butter in the snap traps. Make sure the poison bait can kill in 1 feeding. if you have pets, never put the blocks out unless they are in protective cover.

Inside house: Ortho Snap traps only when a mouse gets inside. Use peanut butter and a small piece of bacon.

A layered approach is the best way to nail these things. I have killed over a dozen this fall alone at the outside garage entry points. It's is like shooting fish in a barrel. Mice go nuts looking for hiding places for winter as soon as the cool nights come pre-fall.

A few made it past and into the outside traps but proceeded to eat the poison bait. Once they have one feeding of the poison, they need to find water so they leave the garage and die outside.

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We never had a mouse "in" the house, but rather several times in a specific wall where they would die & stink. We put poison in the attic, looked all around the house for small openings, bought an electronic device (puts out a very faint sound that sounds like a rattle snake); however the effective deterrent has been our outdoor cats. They prowl around the perimeter of the house & their presence, scent or hunting has eliminated any problem.

I'm not a cat or pet lover & they're costly (feeding, heated mat & water bowl in shed) however I'll gladly take them over the mice.

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