Trouble Adjusting to New Apartment

NewAptGuyMay 10, 2004

Just moved out of a single family house where I lived by myself for the past 5 years -- and got a nice apt. above an elderly couple in a two family house. They are very nice and have not had any complaints about me sofar. But I can't get comfortable with people living underneath me!!! I constantly think I am making too much noise, afraid to have people visit, I also think that they will ultimately keep tabs on my comings and goings...I don't think i am paranoid, but maybe someone knows how to make this transition easier

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Do you really believe that no one in your previous neighborhood knew in a general way your schedule...your comings and goings? Neighbors always know about each other...who works, who doesn't, who is hardly ever home, who is around all the time, etc. This is true for single family home neighborhoods, and for apartments.

Don't worry about making noise. It's doubtful that you are their first tenant if they are the owners, or co-tenant if they are renters also, and they are used to it. They may even find it comforting knowing that someone else is in the building, especially as they are elderly.

If you are considerate, normal living noise doesn't bother anyone. Just keep the stereo at a level that doesn't break eardrums and you should be fine.


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Do you hear them?

That may be reminding you that they hear YOU.

I find that I have a mental "deal" w/ my neighbors. I hear them, honest I do, but I don't REMEMBER hearing them.

It's like when you're driving. Did you see every car on the road w/ you? Of course you did Now, what did they look like?

You can't tell me. Bcs they didn't REGISTER.

That's what those people have done, I'll bet you. If you walk across the floor, they hear you. 4 minutes later, if you called and said, "did you hear me walk across the floor?" they'd say, No, what do you mean?

That's how people can say they "never heard a thing" when their neighbor gets murdered next door. They *heard* it--it just didn't sound alarming enough for them to pay any attention.

You're also at a disadvantage, bcs you don't know exactly how much noise DOES go through. I do, bcs I have an upstairs AND a downstairs neighbor. I'm wondering if you could put your stereo on to a level that you like, and then go drop in on them.

Also, we all are willing to overlook minor inconveniences that come at the hands of people we LIKE. Be a friendly, nice neighbor (you don't have to adopt them, just be nice), and they'll hear your friends laugh at a dinner party and think, "oh, how nice, AptGuy is having friends over" instead of "that snobby guy's friends are making too much noise."

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I've lived in apartments both above and below people for years and have found that one of the most annoying things about having someone above me is when they wear shoes and walk on their hardwood floors. I find the noise much harsher than hearing a stereo or a headboard hitting the wall.

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I wish you lived above me... really I do... we're only in this apartment for 3 months while our house is finished but I hate it.... after living in a house and now this, I hate it.... the people upstairs NEVER sleep... I mean really... they never stop walking and they never sleep... there must be a whole commune up there because they walk, walk, walk.... all the time....tonight they have a toddler up there... imagine what that toddler is doing....

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I just moved in 2 1/2 weeks ago to a high rise 5 stories high rise ., I live on the 3rd floor I am disabled and its mainly senior citizens and Im the 7youngestt one here and feel totally out of place also Ive lived in apts that were not soundproof for years. but where I live now is too quiet . I feel very lonely , Isolated now

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