Been asking forever, won't fix AC

volksgeistMay 1, 2005

I have a Window AC, it's a big kind though, that the air has not been fixed for a long time now. the heat works but the air hasn't

i've been asking for at least 3 months and everytime he says "he'll be by soon" and it never happens. Can't this break the lease or something? I'm getting really really upset.

Also there is bugs everywhere, i'm finding at least one a day and these arnt just "bugs" they are like spider looking things, maybe from the garden outside. but they should tell you before you move in there is gross bugs everywhere, i hate this place

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volksgeist -
In some states - check your "Residential Landlord and Tenant" laws for your state - there is a "Fix-it notice" that you can send, notifying the landlord that either they fix it or you are cancelling the lease are out of there. YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THE LAW EXACTLY!

BE SURE you can find a place to live if they don't fix it. This can't be used as a threat, you have to follow through.

You might also have a "I'm gonna fix it, and take it out of the rent" law ... if so, you notify the landlord and if they don't fix it within XX days, you call a contractor and send in the bill along with the rent.

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