Need a new washing machine

GeorgysmomJanuary 7, 2014

I currently have a top-of-the-line Whirlpool front loader that is six years old. About six months ago the hinge on the door had to be replaced and just yesterday the repair man was here because two of the cycles were not working. After checking it out, he said the control panel needed to be replaced. In taking it off, everything was so rusted, he didn't recommend putting the money in to fixing it ($400+). I am now in the market for a new washing machine. Does anyone have a great recommendation. I am open to either front loader or top loader.

Just found the laundry room forum. Will post there. Sorry.

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You can try Panasonic washing machine. Panasonic washing seems to be the best washing machine with most advance features and specification. Panasonic washing machine available in different size and configuration. You can choose the best as per your need.

Here is a link that might be useful: washing machine

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I recently researched washers and dryers and made a buy on Good Friday.

For super reliable and excellent but plain looking top loafers - Speed Queen is the way to go.

For front loaders with more features but the burdens of less reliability,
Miele is probably the best but wicked expensive. Other brands that folks on GW like are Electrolux and Samsung. My wife hates the doors on the Electrolux units, you push in to unclick and open them.

The samsung units have a honeycomb design to the tub similar to the Miele which is supposed to really decrease wear and tear on clothes. Another important feature is direct drive which makes for the quietest units.

We opted for Samsung WF457ARGS and the matching dryer. Got them for half price and free pedestals from AJ madison during their Black Friday sale. Still awaiting shipment though, on back order ....

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Speed queen. Google reviews for speed queen or investigate reviews here at GWEN. Amazing washer. And so retro. I don't think it even has a control board. A simple number of settings. Good to go.

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Another vote for Speed Queen top loader. I have had mine for about a year. No comparison with the last one. Fast, simple, quiet, and clothes come out clean and not nearly as wrinkled as they used to in my old Maytag, which rusted out and leaked after only a few years.
Fully loaded it can handle a HUGE amount compared to any washer I have had before. And at 70+, I've had a few.

The dealer where I bought mine said it would definitely be his next washer. I am hoping it lasts 30 years and is my LAST washer!

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I too have read nothing but good about Speed Queen. It will definitely be my next washer, ...if my old Kenmore ever dies

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