Thunderfoot out of control

jes_72031May 3, 2007

I'm living in a rather new (2 - 3 years old) apartment complex that's pretty nice. The ceilings are about nine feet high, and the walls are much thicker than the average apartment complex.

Somehow, this hasn't stopped one of my upstairs neighbors from making unbelievable noise. A young couple, or brother and sister, live above me. One of them is very reasonable and quiet, the other one is an absolute terror. Let's call her Thunderfoot.

I work from home, so I'm home a lot and have gotten a good idea of Thunderfoot's routine. She wakes up no earlier than 11 or 11:30am. She goes to sleep no earlier than 3:00am. The hours in between involve her stomping endlessly from room to room in what must be cement-block shoes. Again, these aren't thin walls - you normally hear no sound from people walking.

Sometimes Thunderfoot starts running from room to room. I can't think of any situation I've ever had where something so urgent came up that I absolutely had to sprint from the living room to the bedroom.

I got fed up and complained to the landlord after a night that was worse than usual, when a drunk Thunderfoot stumbled about and was slamming doors and knocking things over at 3:00am. I felt weird complaining about what's primarily loud stomping, but I cannot overemphasize this: the guy who lives there produces the normal noise you'd expect from a neighbor. I've heard other tenants mention they never hear a sound from their own neighbors. That shows me that it's not thin walls or shoddy construction, it's just an incredibly obnoxious person.

Things were better for two days after I complained, then they got significantly worse. It's shifted from incidental loud noise to being completely intentional. Slamming doors louder than ever, pounding on the floor with what sounds like a hammer at 12:30am, running up and down the hallway punching the walls to either side along the way at 1:30am, etc. etc. This has been every night.

What's the best way to respond to this? It's obvious to me that the landlord does not want to get involved in upsetting either side, and won't do anything as a result. Dealing directly with these people hasn't worked.

The noise is not constant, so the odds are very slim of it going on when security or police would hypothetically arrive.

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Get a lawyer friend to send her a scary letter?

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does the landlord know about the follow-up?

Because even if he doesn't want a confrontation, he can decide not to renew their lease. I know I prob wouldn't if this person was running around banging on the walls in the hallway!

But if he doesn't know about the retaliation stuff, or the fact that the change wasn't permanent, he can't follow up.

Is there another witness to the hallway stuff?

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you know what in this world if you want respect demand it, go to you landlord tell them what is up and if it doesn't stop you will be breaking lease. life is too short to let people ruin it for you. but do it with a smile.

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oohh i am sooo relating to this post. i have a 20 something girl living upstairs from me. she weighs less than me, and i am thin, but she sounds like a 2000 pound giant. it is driving me nuts!! and the same thing up at 11 am, drunk at 3 am. i am going nuts and only been here 2 weeks. i am looking into rental laws in my state. if things don't get better i will also break my lease and with a lawyer if necessary.

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