surround sound in an apartment!?

RissMay 6, 2014

I would never have a subwoofer and surround sound system in an apartment solely out of COURTESY for my neighbors. The ONLY time I ever play loud music is when I know all of my neighbors are not home. My new neighbors above me are apparently into video games and play late into the night with a surround sound system. My third night here and I got NO sleep listening to to explosions, gunfire and bass riffs all night. Too pissed off to go knocking on their door I was able to dig up a pair of ear plugs but then i was afraid I wouldn't hear my alarm go off for work!!!!!!! Why would anyone be so careless??? Does anyone think of other people anymore or are they all just out for themselves!?!?

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Your not alone, I thought I had inconsiderate neighbors above me,but the surround sound beats my idiots and if you say something it only makes it worse on you, I've tried that and all I did was hurt myself. Oh, and my building manager is useless.

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Why do they have no respect for their neighbors? Because their ill mannered, self indulgent twits.

At one point I hooked my TV up through the stereo and used headphones being considerate of my neighbors (because my mommy didn't tell me I was the most important person on the planet). What I found amazing was everything I was missing at normal volume levels through the TV speakers.

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