garden hose

haircutcityMay 16, 2007

how can I connect a garden hose to my kitchen faucet?

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You get a little (1+") fitting at the hardware (ask in the gardening section), but it may require taking off the piece already on your tap depending on what you use. I have (ord'd from a catalog) a 50' stretchy, coiled sprayer hose that I use for my plants on the deck, and it came with a piece that fits over a standard kitchen faucet, but also one that requires you to remove that piece first, and another with two tiny valves on it to redirect the water.

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I figured it out, for those that might be interested, I went to a tropical fish store, and they had a brass adapter that is very simply made. It is used to fill large aquariums. It was $6.00. At first, I thought someone might need such a thing to fill a waterbed, but believe it or not, there are no waterbed stores anymore where I live.I guess they had their run of fame.

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