How to Kill Silverfish

charlie_growerMay 26, 2008

Does anyone know how to kill silverfish naturally in an apartment? I was thinking of buying an ebook from to solve the problem but I thought I'd ask here first. Anyone?

(Also, has anyone ever bought that ebook? I'm curious if it's any good.)

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Gee, wasn't it so clever of you to find that website and then register here to tell us all about it? Your mother must be so proud.

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Meh, I think its a bad idea to buy most ebooks. Try DE Diamtomaceous Earth Food grade or agricultural grade. The diatoms have sharp glass edges that wreak havoc on the joints of arthropods like silverfish and they also use the surface tension of the wax coating and glass to strip the little critters of their protective cuticle leaving them vulnerable to dessication.

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If you are looking to kill silverfish or get rid off them naturally the first thing you want to do is make your home a place where the prefer not to live. Silverfish like warm,humid places so you need to check for moisture in your home coming from leaking pipes or faucet,sweaty pipes, and leaky roof.

If you house is humid start running a dehumidfier.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I hate these things they are so invasive! Its almost impossible to get rid of them once they find their way into your home. Has anyone tried silverfish control

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I find them in my house now and then. I'm going to try the Diamtomaceous Earth too - I heard that works on all crawlies? I read somewhere that you can spread it around the exterior of your home too, and in the garden...

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