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andrelaplume2January 12, 2007

Though I'd love to finish our basement to look as nice as the upstairs, that likely will not be in our budget for some time. I looked into the OC system....not quite a nice looking as the upstairs and way out of our budget. I do like the no-mold quality and ability to remove wall in case of a flood. It go me wondering....if looks were not high on the list, couldn't one frame in the 4 walls and then apply dry wall or some other 4X8 covering (suggestions?) and simplyrun a strip vertically along the seams. Get water damage...just pop off the strip and unscrew the panel and replace. I realize this won't be as asthically pleasing but am I thinking too simplistically?

My real question....We have a relatively square area, say 500 - 600 sq ft. I'd like to throw some carpet down, install a dropped ceiling and some flourcents and just paint the walls for now. They are poured and actually fairly flat and smooth. I would guess if I ever stud in walls the ceiling might need to come down, at least around the perimeter. What do you think? What should I paint with. We just moved in and I see no signs of water. The owner seamed to take pride in the home and stated water never came in.

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we left ours unfinished for the first year or so. We just threw down a rug, sofa and video game setup and my teen son was in heaven!

Also, my 9 year old enjoyed the open play area for rollerblading.

Anyway, a clean and dry basement is a great asset no matter what you decide to do with it.


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Yes, you could put furring strips on the wwall and then drywall (and even tape it nicely).

But if looks aren't that important, why not leave the walls alone, or paint them, then add use some nice lighting. You could even get a concrete finisher in to spiff up the floor.

My friend did a basement "on the cheap" by painting everything, including the exposed ceiling joists. With some good lighting it turned out to be a surprisingly nice space. She used strong wall colors for effect (think tropics).

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