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ironmaidenJanuary 29, 2008

I have been reading all the posts about basement floors for the last few weeks, but still can't figure it out!!! I have a concrete basement floor and would like to put either ceramic or rubber tiles (flexco) as a flooring surface. Which product should I use under the tiles? Dricore? Ditra? Can I use the rubber tiles at all or is it a no-no in the basement? Please, help as I am going crazy. Thanks

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For either of those, I would apply directly to a clean, dry floor.

If ceramic, use versabond thinset mortar.

If rubber, I'd follow the flexco recommendations. (For below-grade, it's the 4th one down on their list:

I think dricore is best for folks who want carpet, in order to avoid water damage. You also get some added insulation 'warm to the foot" feel with dricore. Tile would probably crack over it. Rubber over it would be fine.

If ceiling height is an issue, I'd probably avoid the dricore.

One other thing to keep in mind - tile in basement is cold, and not for everybody.

Having gone through this same floor dilemma, we opted to paint our basement concrete floor a nice loud color, and use area rugs. Works great, but it's not the most "finished" look.

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