So many problems where do I start??? Rant & question in the end!

whereshonestyApril 2, 2007

I've lived in the same apartment for two years now (Denver Metro area). I would have not renewed my lease last year had I been in the financial position to move elsewhere!

I did my research via telephone communications prior to moving out to Colorado. The manager of the complex made this place sound like an ideal community to live. She claimed it was a safe and quiet place to live and that they were very thorough with their applicants making sure they didn't rent to anyone that would disrupt the community.

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! WHAT A JOKE!!! Police cruisers are here on almost a daily basis! Everyone knows my name at the office because of how many times I've complained about noisy neighbors! I've been told by so many other tenants about the drug problem in this community! SAFE???? QUIET????

Being stuck in this apartment another year has actually caused me to become depressed! I've had 3-4 different neighbors move in the apartment above me and I've had to complain on every one.

I'm not talking about the loud walking (STOMPING), because even though that is ANNOYING as heck (no kids mind you, just adults) I know there is nothing I can do about that but, the loud music at ALL hours of the day/night, the yelling and fighting, the VERY loud television, parties late at night, dog barking while the tenants are home, stomping up and down the stairs...etc etc.

This is what I've had to deal with for almost 2 solid years now. My lease isn't up until June 1st BUT I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!! I'm so tired of calling to complain time after time and in the end all that happens is they move in more LOUD self-absorbed neighbors!

I have an 11 year old and at 8pm it's quiet time for us! Even before then we don't usually get roudy, but definitely after 8pm it's time to really be careful. Our neighbor below us is in his early 40's, has kids of his own back home and he's very quiet so I feel we should show him the same courteous by being as quiet as we can without living like munks! ;)

I want to move out now! I don't want to stay until June. I would be breaking my lease one month early. How bad is that??? I can't afford to pay the last month of rent and be able to move out at the same time.

I was thinking if I left a check for $10 with the key and a letter stating why I was breaking my lease a month early and that I would pay the last month in payments each month as much as I could afford until it was paid, if that would save me from any court action. I would try and pay more each month if possible to get it taken care of quickly. That's one.

My second problem is I know they are going to charge me to replace the carpet. The carpet was not new when we moved in, there were a few stains here and there but, with my wonderful klutz of a daughter.... there are many more stains which some I was never able to get out. I know if I have it cleaned, they'll still want to charge me to replace it if it's not absolutely perfect. How can I find out the rental laws on how often carpets are required to be replaced?

And another....a friend of mine moved out almost a year ago..she was a pretty dagon clean person and she spent a week cleaning before turning her keys in yet they still put a charge against her to clean the place. I had the same problem with a prior landlord in Florida. I literally cleaned the apartment from top to bottom.

I was 8 months pregnant, climbing on the counter tops to vacuum out the cabinets yet I was STILL charged $80 for cleaning! I was FLOORED!! What's the purpose of cleaning so efficiently if they are just going to charge you to clean again??? I was thinking after I finish cleaning to take pictures of everything??

Trying to talk and reason with the manager is out of the question. She's been known for her rudeness and inability to work with you when moving out, especially if you're going to break the lease even a week early!!!!!

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You have a right by law to inspect the apartment as the rental company inspects it~if you put it in writing. That way,you can walk through with them,and if they try to say it isnt clean,you can have them point out exactly what it is they say isnt clean.
Or,take pictures of how clean it is.then when they tell you you're being charged for cleaning,you have your pics to prove it already was cleaned.

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We walked through as our last apartment was inspected. I think it helped tremendously...can't make up frivolous accusations if you're there. We'll do the same thing when we leave this apartment at the end of May.

Sorry for your frustrations...I hope you can work everything out!

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