want neighbors dead

njsucksApril 3, 2007

since the neighbors moved in 5 months ago they have been making hammering noise constant for 5 hours. It sound like they are jumping off furniture and the man and woman fight from about 5pm till 1am when the man leaves slamming the door and comes back and yells in the bedroom till 3am.

this happens almost everyday.

You can hear the woman yell in pain sometimes and they have a kid about 3.

I have spoken 3 times to the land lord and they denied making noise the first two times. I had a letter sent to the company and the tennants got a warning but will not stop.

I tried retaliating for two days by jumping off my bed which shakes my entire apartment like it does when they are banging.

They complained that I was making too much noise but refuse to stop. I have not retaliated since. They know it bothers me and I believe are intentionally doing it now.

I have not called the police yet but they will just lie to them anyway. Or should I call dreyfus since they have a kid.

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Call the police. Call them every time you suspect violence. Every time. Talk to your other neighbors, and ask them to do the same. Don't take matters into your own hands...you will only escalate the problem. That woman and her child need protection. The child in particular needs your intervention, so call the authorities without hesitation. I don't recognize your Dreyfus reference so have no opinon there. Good luck.

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DYFS not Dreyfus

Division of Youth and Family Services

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You can hear the woman yell in pain sometimes

9-1-1. And this is coming from someone who puts up with his neighbor's wife locking him out ever week of so and him pounding on the door into the night.

In many states if the police see signs of domestic violence injuries it's automatic arrest.

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We had same problem with old neighbors thru walls. We got in touch with landlord after calling county on them. It worked. What you need to do is call the police everytime because if you do, the police will ge tired of coming out there and they will do something. Dont retaliate anymore cause they can also complain about you. I would maybe record it if possible and bring it to the landord/apartment office to let them hear it.

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You could actually be a neighbor to a foster care situation. DYFS has been dumping dysfunctional youths with single men and women in New Jersey for several years now. The caregivers have recently been under scrutiny by the DYFS state oversight committee due to questionable backgrounds. Go to Hubpages.com and search for "Apartment Life and DYFS".

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njsucks, a neighbor might die if you don't call 911.

I hope for your sanity it isn't the innocent child who dies.

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bronwymsmom I totally agree with you!

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If a child is at risk or a woman may be getting battered, there should be zero tolerance: call 911. Every time. I have worked extensively in the field of domestic violence. DO NOT personally intervene in a volatile situation. This is a police matter for people trained to deal with it. Do not put yourself at risk.

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Although calling may lead to loss of custody to the abusive parent. As crazy as this sounds, it happens all the time. DYFS will transfer custody to the abusive parent. Email me for examples if you are in disbelief. I notice this happened around Aug/Sept, so did the mother and children receive protection?

Here is a link that might be useful: DYFS transferred custody to Abusive Parent who exposed child to Megan's Law convicted sex offender

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