sink in a bar necessary?

lbelleJanuary 31, 2010

I'm debating whether or not to add a sink area to a bar area in the basement. We are in the planning stages and already had roughed in plumbing for a bathroom. We could put the bar/sink backed up against the same wall as the bathroom sink.I think. I'm no plumber. Is this going to make it cheaper/easier to do?

Is it necessary to have a sink in the basement at all if there is access to a bathroom sink? (I know it's nicer). But, the rest of the floorplan would look better with the bar in another place (w/o sink). I guess I'm asking if it is worth the cost in time and effort to add the sink.

Opinions please?

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I believe it depends on how your bar will be used. For us, there seems always a need to dump some ice, rinse a shaker or the like.

Our bar sink is on the Back Bar because it did not require cutting the floor for plumbing. And, we have another laundry-type sink in an adjacent room to wash things following a gathering. Personally, I would find the loss of either a big inconvenience with many trips upstairs.

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I've always put in a sink where there's a bar. Even though I don't drink.

I moved into one home before the kitchen was in; washing the dishes in the basement bathtub wasn't all that convenient.

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