Digging a stairwell to a basement

rfosterJanuary 24, 2007

I am looking for rough costs on digging a separate entrance to a basement.

I understand that costs can vary greatly, what I am trying to do is get an idea of whether it will cost me 10k or 50k, to see if the idea is even feasible.

If you have had a stairwell dug out or windows, could you give me an idea of what it cost, as well as any tips to finding a contractor?

Thank you

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Just digging? Or digging, build stairs (concrete including proper drainage), cut foundation wall for door, frame & install door? If the latter, perhaps 12k and counting, but can vary greatly.

Depends on how deep, type of wall you have, and what other add-on's (lighting, overhang, finished on basement side, ) . etc.

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Digging? I have been digging as necessary for 60 years and for such a small job, I would dig it by hand. The Chinese built runways for B29's by hand in WWII, using buckets for hauling materials.

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I would go with a basement stairway system that is precast.

Here is a link that might be useful: perm entry

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In a cold climate, you will also have to excavate and underpin the existing foundation up to four feet further down and to the sides to prevent frost damage to the wall.

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i have had a quote to install a stairwell into a basement..It is necessary by code to have an egress out from basement prior to finishing it..Cost of 4600 dollars would be the excavating,cutting of wall, installing a set of precast concrete stairs and a bilco-type door..not included is an interior door at basement..stairwell is bolted into basement walls

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I am also interested in excavating and installing double french doors including concrete foundation and stairs and drainage done correctly. Any idea what the cost and who to go to?

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