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Str8dymeApril 20, 2008

I live in an apartment building with a set of drug dealers sharing one apartment. There are three of them in a 2 bedroom apt. I know they are drug dealers because there is always someone coming to their house for like 2 minutes then leaving, there are weed bags laying around their door, and the drug smells come from the apartment on a regular basis.

What I'm asking is that how do I get them evicted? I'm scared for my safety and the safety of my daughter who comes home from school alone. One time my daughter left her keys in the house when she was going to school so she knocked on their door to ask to use the phone to call me at work. She says one of the guys opened the door with a gun in his hand. I guess he thought someone was coming for them or something. How do I complain about them without them knowing it was me?

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Have you spoken to the landlord? The last thing you personally want to do is get involved in any way (other than talking to the landlord). You do have a right to move if conditions are intolerable or dangerous, however, so I'd give my 30 days notice and get out.

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You also could consult w/ your local police department; they have anti-drug units that might be able to help you.

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I would think twice about reporting this to my landlord. I've known landlords that passed along the name of the person who snitched. Drug dealers HATE snitches.
That could create problems you do NOT want to have to deal with.

Here are some methods other people have used to 'encourage' drug dealers to move away. If this doesn't work then your only option will be to move. No point in endangering your daughter's safety because of retaliation.

"on 11/22/2005 I had a problem on my street. Drug dealers felt comfortable and residents felt pressured to stay inside and do nothing. I anonymously wrote letters to all of the neighbors telling them where the activity was, who was involved, how to report it online to the police department, and who to call. It made everyone aware and the drug dealers got scared (since they lived there too). It was fun to see them so scared and we have had no trouble with them again."

How to Make Your Neighborhood Drug-Free
Officer Moves in, Drug Dealers Move Out

D.A.R.E.-Drug abuse resistance education

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For sure call the police and skip the landlord.

Be patient, I've tipped off police and nothing happened for a month. Then a big bust went down with multiple homes being raided all over the state. They had to wait even after my tip as it was a much bigger problem than just one apartment.

I'd also call when the traffic is busy, ask the cop to sit outside for a while and observe.

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Thank you all for your help! I got the dealers out and here is how I did it, this was all back in June:

My apartment complex started a neighborhood watch program with the local police. They gave everyone a flyer about the meeting and to list any comments or suggestions to be discussed at the meeting. I filled out the form without using any of my information. I only noted that there were drug and prostitution activities in the building I lived in (I believe prostitution was going on because almost every night they would bring different girls home). About a week later they were packing up their pickup truck and moving out! Yeah their stuff fit in a pickup truck.

I don't know if they had planned on getting evicted all this time or what but God gave me that flyer as an opportunity to rat them out. Now to deal with my loud neighbors downstairs... LOL

Thank you all for your help!

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Thanks for getting back. I glad to hear that something was done about this unhealthy (especially for your daughter) situation.

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