pot smoke from below

lbragerApril 16, 2007

We have a huge issue with pot smoke from the apartment below wafting up into our apartment and making the whole place smell like a Foghat concert. We complained to the property manager and she said she can't do anything because "she can't accuse them of doing anything illegal". If its something that is affecting other tenants, isn't she obligated to at least address the issue? Cigarette smoke is one thing, but this is a substance that is illegal in the state of California. Also, they flush the tiolet constantly after smoking, probably to dispose of the evidence. This is not just every once in awhile, or even one time a night. Once they get home at 5, it is non stop late into the evening. We'll wake up well into the night and it still stinks like they have one lit and coming up through the vents. What can we do?

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call the police or local sheriff and make an official complaint. Just them knocking on the door asking to question the people below might be enough to scare them or at least make them move. That is crazy the landlord won't do anything. If nothing gets resolved, move. No way would I sit there and smell that.

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Have you talked to your neighbors? I think that is the least you can do before you call the cops on them. Perhaps if you talk to them, and threaten calling the police, you can get them to find a better means to do what they enjoy without bothering you. Or maybe you know someone who could pose as a cop, scaring them into changing their ways, without getting them in full-out legal trouble yet.

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well, impersonating an officer is a Federal crime, so I highly suggest you do not set up a friend like that. Also, if you confront them that you "know" they are smoking pot and they ever get busted, they will turn to you right away. I would keep out of it..............just opening pandora's box by inserting yourself into their problems personally. Bottom line, it is illegal and they are the one's doing wrong, call the authorities, they are the only ones who can handle it right.

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I would first send a registered letter to the landlord, so you have it on record that you have complained to them.

Then, without waiting for anysort of reply, I would call your local precinct and ask to speak to the community affairs officer. Ask him/her for advice on how to proceed with this--can he loop you in to someone specific in Vice? should you call 911? is there anything you can say that will get someone over to check out the odor before it dissipates? what sort of evidence must they have--can they get a warrant, or knock on the door, or whatever, based on the small in the hallway or in your apartment? how can you get the cops involved without getting yourself exposed to possible retaliation?

Then go from there.

An arrest will certainly give your landlord some leverage--and yourself some as well.

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Where I live, a landlord who knowingly allows drug activity on their property is at risk to losing their property. It's a law designed to close down the many drug houses in the central city.

Document the complaints to your landlord in case the situation becomes intolerable and you decide to move out on your lease. This will protect you.

If you live in a huge apartment complex, where they would not know who is complaining, you may try just leaving them an anonymous note telling them that you are annoyed by the smoke. That may make them change their ways.

Do NOT do anything so stupid as impersonating an officer of the law, or both you AND the friend you hire, will end up in jail.

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I would complain anonymously. You don't want drug addicts retaliating against you for snitching.

I'd be inclined to wait until I smell the smoke again and make my call from a pay phone, etc. Tell them you think there is a meth lab. This will get a more attention then merely mentioning you smell pot smoke. Mention the constantly flushing toilet.

A google search say's "For every 1 pound of meth produced, there is five to seven pounds of toxic waste."

Who knows? Maybe the neighbor is making meth and flushing the by products down the toilet.

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