Crack injections

robsb123January 29, 2008

Can anyone recommend an epoxy or polyurethane crack injection repair kit, that is reasonably priced? I have about a dozen cracks in my basement ranging from almost non visible to about 1/32" of an inch wide. Are these products worth the price? should they be left to professionals?

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My last two homes, ironically both developed a crack in the basement wall. The builder used an injection method to repair. It worked great, I never had a problem. The last house I lived in for 9 years.
I can't say whether they used epoxy or polyurethane though?

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For the cost of the materials alone, I found it worthwhile to just spend a bit more and hire the expert. I used a franchise outfit called "crack team" and was very pleased. Cost me about $2000 to have several cracks repaired. They used urethane, which is flexible and expands with the crack up to %50 of the width of the crack. You can also opt for epoxy for some cracks - I did so for just one crack. Typically epoxy is used for a more "structural" repair, but the downside with epoxy is that it will crack again if the joint is prone to any movement.

Another alternative would be to purchase urethane materials from a local basement waterproofing supply. If you do so, I strongly suggest buying a urethane kit with a dual cartridge gun. That way the water can be injected simultaneously to activate the urethane. Not all places will have the dual gun.

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My husband and I used Crack-Pac Injection Epoxy by Simpson in our cracks in our basement floor (the product can also be used with a vertical application). The product worked great and was easy to use. We purchase it at a local commerical building store. It can also be ordered online. It has been 100% effective.

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