Miele Speed Oven and Steamer Owners--Question

beekeeperswifeJanuary 23, 2012

If I put these in my island, will I be able to stand in front of one or both of them to work at the island? Or do they get too hot?

Thanks for your help.


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We have a Miele Speed Oven and no, it doesn't get too hot to stand in front of. I have no idea about the steam oven.

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We have the Speed Oven too. Heat is not a problem. Have it under the counter in the baking area. The only issue is that I've never gotten over that irrational fear that standing in front of a microwave is bad for you...so I tend to avoid it when I'm microwaving but probably unnecessarily!

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The handles will be the biggest obstacle.

The standard curved handle protrudes a fair amount from the door face and may cause you to have to stand farther away from the counter.

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We have both the Miele Speed Oven and their Steam Oven side-by-side under the counter. The Steam Oven emits some steam that comes into the room, especially as it starts steaming, so do be cautious about standing in front of it. The Speed Oven sends out a stream of cool air while it's working. I love ours, especially because of the broiling element, which is great, and although I still haven't figured it all out, it's working great!

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