Antiques in Movies

nyboyFebruary 13, 2012

Do you ever get distracted watching a movie by the antiques in it? I do all the time. last night was watching Mommy Dearest great art deco furnture. Love movies set in 18 century. A antique shop near me said they rent things for movies all the time.

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Have you seen Albert Nobbs?...If you are any sort of a Victorian British junkie you will scarcely blink!

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I notice all the time now! I even see stuff that I have in my house. It's so funny, sometimes I look more at the decor than watching the movie.

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I don't watch movies all that often, but I definitely find myself distracted with the background decor while watching TV. I see things I have... things I want... things I've seen in shops, etc etc etc... It's hard to pay attention to what's really happening in the show!!

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Marvin Forssander-Baird

I'm terrible about watching the background. Nyboy, I am sure then, that you remember Dangerous Liaisons? What a great 18th century piece. Albert Nobbs......Oh my.

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I've spotted several old style office and lab gear used for props in made-for-TV science fiction flicks, and those did distract me from the story line. Following is a list of some things I've spotted and enjoyed:

Commodore 64 computer - used to simulate a keyboard on a piece of intergalctic commnuication gear; Had to laugh.

Dumont and Tectronic Oscilloscopes to display trace patterns.

An early Hewlett Packard desk computer with tiny screen, but very good keyboard. In real life, most often seen with data acquisition equipment.

A Kaypro computer, an early PC.

A DEC PDP-11 computer with tape deck and teletype input unit.

A Commodore PET PC.

A Comodore Amiga computer.

A lab FM tape recorder.

A laser printer with labels slapped on to emulate something else.

An etch-a-sketch.

Old tube type radio and TV chassises.

Watt-hour meters.

Gas and water meters.

Antique wood working and leather goods equipment.

Antique hand tools.

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I love watching Poirot on PBS with the Art Deco architecture and furniture. So wonderful and so distracting. I find myself imaging how to incorporate similar pieces rather than listening!

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I'm a huge Jane Austen fan. When I watch the movie versions of one of her books, I pay as much attention to decor and dress as I do the story line. Fascinating. Hopefully historically accurate. Even if not, it's still eye candy ;) Same for even some funky movies, like "Marie Antoinette" with Kirsten Dunst. Talk about lavish, wowza. A little over the top for my taste but still like to look. Also "The Tudors", and earlier settings like Rob Roy or Braveheart. Colonial is one of my favorite eras, so tend to note everything from pewter candlesticks to chairs in movies like The Patriot. Same for B&W movies, which I don't watch often but have a few favorites. Watched "The Bad Seed" again recently, found myself paying as much attention to vintage furniture as following the plot.

One thing I get a kick out of is older TV series, when items used were new at the time. Andy Griffith and Leave It To Beaver come to mind as examples. Ever look closely at Ward and June's furnishings? They had some pretty nice stuff, lol. (Loved the kitchen appliances.)

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Albert Nobbs is the name of the movie? I'll have to hunt that out. And, cyn427, I was going to mention Poirot. When he goes back to his office I always pay attention, there's a credenza I've been trying to get a good look at for a long time. Then when the scene ends, I wake up, thinking, "What just happened? I have no idea!"

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