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rivkadrApril 29, 2007

I started a website recently for people to share their awful or amusing stories about bad neighbors (largely inspired by some of the things that I've read here in this forum!) -- if any of you that have had nasty experiences with neighbors would be willing to write up a story for my site, that would be great.

Moderators, if this is a no-no, please just remove. Not trying to be a spammer, but I've been a member of this site for years, and read this forum every day :) I've "lived" through a lot of your trials and tribulations, and would really, really appreciate it if anyone has the time to write anything for my site. Thanks!

Website: My Bad Neighbors

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If I was web savy I'd start one about bad landlords also. All posts would have to be reviewed and give the landlord 30 days to respond because some Tenants that are bad will fabricate things.

Then allow the public to search by city, state, name etc.

Tenant get screened by good landlords. Tenants expect the landlord to be fair, and obey the lease. Little do they know many landlords are slum lords. There just isn't any real good way for the tenants to do background checks.

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There's something kind of like that:

Landlords can't respond, I don't think, but still, it does give apartment hunters a pretty good sense of how good/bad an apartment complex is.

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I left a comment about my current complex at when i went back there to update my review,instead of my update being accepted,i was sent to a page that claimed that my ip was banned from their site./ and i can't leave or update my review now. but i noticed that they didn't delete my obviously there wasn't anything inappropriate in it. i tried to update it again tonight but i still get this message that my ip is banned.but let me say something about apartment review sites.i don't go by them at all for one many people do you think that really are satisfied with their apartment decide "oh i think i'll go to a site to place a good review about my apartment complex" most fact,it's the person that's disgrundled that's more likely to decide to get on the internet and leave a comment about their apartment complex/. My complex is the quietest complex in this boomcars,no crime to speak of and modest rent.but to read the reviews about the place ?? totally reverse of what i just typed here.people complaining about guns constantly being heard all over the place at nights and so on as though this were a ghetto.these are lake front apartments that are totally quiet ,nearly 24/7..once in a while the low hum of a car's radio passing by.but that's just once in a while.and crime? one of our local cops recently told me the only calls they get from out this way is the occasional suspicious person in the parking lot in the middle of the night and he said that it's generally one of the residents just going to and from the coke machine or laundry room and so on. i've lived here for over 5 gun constant noise.but if you read the reviews of this place there's quite a different picture that's tainted..i mean painted. and imho it's disgrundled residents who've been evicted ,probably for their noise and so on.loud noise isn't accepted here in this complex late at night.people will complain immediately./i just don't trust most apartment rating sites at i said..i believe that they too often are postings from former residents who've been evicted/.

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Having a problem with a neighbor. She came in the building a year ago, unruly, disrespectful, etc. Plays music loud all night long. When I complained about her to my landlord, he did little as possible and does not plan to evict her despite her unruly ways and leaving garbage constantly in the hallway. Someone in the building told her I was complaining about her. So she starts harassing me specifically. Even banged my floor with her broom. I called the police. She told the police, I called ACS on her, but I didn't. Now she has befriended my neighbors and they are treating me funny. What to do. Need advice. I don't want to leave the building or go to court! I been in this building for 18 years or so.

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I moved into a duplex almost 4 months ago. The house is old and the walls are thin. When I rented the apartment the other side was vacant. I am 55 years old, single and work days. The landlord then decided to rent to a pair of 20 something females who work nights at a bar.

The first month I lived there I thought I was living in a frat house. I complained to my landlord about the noise in the middle of the night as they bring friends home with them. She spoke to them and they didn't see a problem.

The noise has gotten better until last week. I was home around 5PM and the music was on next door. It wasn't that loud even though I hear it. Then it got louder where I had to keep turning the volume up on my TV. I finally pounded on the wall and complained. I was told to get a grip it was only 5:00 - my landlord told them they could make noise until 10PM. I said the music was drowning out my TV.

My landlord arrived later on to pick up their rent check and told her about my banging on the wall and yelling. She asked for the music to be turned on at the volume I complained about - of course I didn't hear the music as they lied about the volume. She then proceeded to tell them if I yelled or banged on the walls they should call the police.

When I got her e-mail I then told her about being woked up several nights a week when they come home with friends between the hours of 2 & 4 AM. And 2 weeks prior I was woken up at 3:30 as it sounded like there was a fight going on.

I have realized that they don't go to bed until 5AM and sleep until 5PM.

They told her they are afraid to hang anything on the walls for fear of my complaining amd the walk around on tip toes. I said if that was the case then I wouldn't be woken up in the middle of the night. They want to hammer nails at 12:30 AM.

I told my landlord I was sorry for having to sleep at night so I could go to work during the day.

Seems it is now my fault.

I also don't allow my guests to park on the front lawn.

I even find myself trying not to make too much noise in the mornings when I get up and the weekends when they are sleeping for fear of retaliation when I'm trying to sleep at night.

And for those who suggest moving as an option. That isn't always possible. I lived at my last place for 9 years and when I took a job further from there I decided to move. Moving is not cheap. I had to take a small loan to cover every thing. Between the security deposit and movers it was almost $4000.

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karen I can understand what its like living with the neighbors from hell, I moved into a new place in Dec. and my neighbor is 80 something and wakes at 4 am and thinks its ok to vacuum and hammer at 5:30 am, when I called to complain to the manager he told me ( I dont get involved, you'll have to deal with it on your own) I tried talking with this lady and she shut the door in my face and told me to get used to it, so now I dont care when or how much noise I make, she goes to bed early obviously so now I hold off using the vacuum until 7-8 pm when I know shes going to bed for the night, I hate to be so evil but maybe she'll get the hint and have a little respect for me. Good Luck but be careful they could be psycho's and make matters a whole lot worse for you.

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