bar/kitchenette lighting scheme?

ravlegendJanuary 22, 2007

Having a hard time figuring out what sort of lighting for my bar/kitchenette area in the basement.

Because my bar area is at an angle to the back wall, I'm thinking of either a 2X3 mini-halogen cans or possibly 2 tracks of something at an angle.

Would a track lighting above the bar /countertop look too "amateur-ish"?

Please share any photos and/or suggestion.


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Many install track lighting over their bars. Just depends on the look you want and also the overhead clearance. Ours has pendants over the bar with can lights in the ceiling behind and over the cooktop. Puck lighting inside and under the cabinet (for tasking). Also puck lighting for the low bar. I have posted an area plan linked from "My Page" which may be of assistance. Good luck.

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where did you wind up buying your track lighting over the bar from?

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Actually, the 4 lights over our bar are line voltage pendants. We purchased them from a lighting showroom. I don't recall the brand. The louvers in between are inlets for an exhaust system.

Some browsers enlarge the photos to screen size, but if you scroll to the bottom of the pictures I have tried to give a bit of description with each one. Hope this is helpful.

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