Way to soundproof apartment floor? Pls. Help

kate_7April 14, 2007

Hey guys

A while back I posted a few messages about the a--hole who lives below me. Our lease states "minimum noise at ALL TIMES" and this guy blasts music so loud it shakes my floor and couch/table/etc. I constantly complained to the superintendents, who did nothing. Finally I filed a formal written complaint to the owner, who came to b-tch at me for writing the letter. He said the floors were expertly soundproofed with material not found in other apartments (what a lie).

Anyway, while the noise has decreased, the a--hole is still blasting music.

Unfortunately, I am in the lease til the end of August and I have been unable in finding a subletter, and cannot afford paying for 2 apts. at once...so...looks like I'm stuck for 4 more months. I'm trying to stay positive thinking, I've lasted 8 with this a--hole...but man has it taken a toll on my mental state...:(

ANYWAY, onto the point - is there any way that one could soundproof a floor using materials? I cannot rip up the carpet, but is there something we could layer over the floor - or many things - that would limit our hearing of the booming bass and vibrations?

Any suggestions at all? I'm open to ANYTHING. Thank you!

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Call the police - you have a right to your 'reasonable enjoyment of peace" (or however the actual legal term is worded) and if the mgmt. won't help, maybe the police will.

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yeesh. Too bad people have no sort of decency these days. You should not have a stereo system in an apartment any more then you should have a treadmill on a top floor. You want those things, buy a house.

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You should not have a stereo system in an apartment


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nah that came out wrong and I was tired when I wrote it. What I meant was people should use a bit of common sense when they use loud items.

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Try several heavy rugs. I don't know how much it would end up helping, but it would help somewhat and you could take those with you when you moved.

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Earplugs. Cheaper than making changes to your apartment and you won't hear a thing.

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Now, see, the problem with earplugs - is that I want to LIVE in my apartment. I want to sit down and eat dinner and talk with my boyfriend and exist...not jam earplugs in my ear and be deaf to everything around me. I still want to watch TV, talk, hear the phone, oven timer, etc...
And just FYI, all the earplugs I've used have sucked at blocking out bass.

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