Need advice on digging down floor

cathernichJanuary 22, 2007

We are thinking of purchasing a beautiful but small (and expensive) home in Chicago - - we would need to convert the basement into a livable space. Currently, the basement has a 6 foot ceiling, but to accomodate my 6'8" husband we would need to dig down about one foot. The room is 18x27 - W/D in one corner - heater in middle of space. Would anyone have any idea what something like this would cost? We are not DIY types - my Mr. thinks it is a small project, I'm thinking this is an expensive and long undertaking with little return on our investment. Any advice?

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I assumes this is an old house?
Are you sure you guys really want to do this?
Afterall, changing a 6' height room to a 7' height is still, well, small.

Look at it from the logistical aspect - just demo-ing the 5" thk concrete slab and repouring a new 18X27 area are already monumental. Other issues to consider are structure, substrate, existing piping infrastucture, refinishing the wall,/base & flooring rtc.

Of course many of these issues are easier to resolve if it's just a dirt floor - which I have seem in older houses.

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You are going to need an engieneering review to make sure you can dig without disturbing footers.
Typically you can go no lower than the bottom of a footer without providing some means to prevent the footer from moving into the hole.
Try a structural or geotechnical, and you may need both.

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