Follow up on rowhouse bought and noisy neighbors

angel_037April 22, 2006

Well, the first time I went over to ask them to lower music and they were nice about it and did. But then again they bast it which I stated in another post. But they still do not care about there dog which they left outside in pouring rain with no shelter. When I went out to ask her to lower music she said she did not even know where her dog was and i told her, sitting on the chair in back yard. She said he should not be out there but yet, she did not even make an attempt to get him. Grrr. Well, as far as the last time she told me she was giving him away so hopefully to a good owner. Her kids are all sick but yet they still run outside and raining out. Go figure that out. well, I vented and thank you for reading.

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I should have wrote in your post b4. I wish you didnt go over there to tell them to lower down their music cause now they know that you have an issue with them. Now they also know you are watching them- by telling her where her dog was. If you decide ever to call the cops she'll know where it coming from now. Is there a house on the other side of theirs, do the rest of the residenst seem to look annoyed or are they doing the same thing by blasting their music also? If they are there is lil you can do now. Hopefully its starts raining cats and dogs so her children stay in the house. Seems to me if they dont care about their dog you and I know they they dont care about their neighbors.Stay far away from them, smile when you see them even try to act like the noise dosent bother you smile at her kids and in a week maybe you can call the cops but dont give them your name. Call from down the block on a pay phone and state that the music from up the block (give them their address) distrubing the peace. That way when the cops go there they can say "Miss we have gotten a complain about the noise from someone down the ST". maybe it just might work. Good Luck.

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hiddeninthemist-Great ideas.

I agree that angel should wait awhile before complaining the way you suggested. If these neighbors are that inconsiderate, I'm sure other neighbors feel the same way and might beat her to the punch (call child services, animal warden, etc) about complaining.

I wonder what would happen if angel called her local fire/police department and arranged for them to come over and perform a home safety inspection? Preferably while the loud neighbors are acting up.

How would it be HER fault if they happened to observe these deplorable conditions while performing a public service? This way she doesn't have to be the bad guy.

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Hi ty for your replies and i understand what you mean and they might think it would be me if I call cops or if someone else does. But since we moved in the have blared there music and all and not once asked them to lower it except for that one time. Plus, they have a beef with a neighbor down the street so if I did call cops, they would probably think it would be them. Plus, since I asked them to lower the music, they have kept there base to a minumum. The neighbors next to them on other side are friends with them and they blast there music and I think were purposely blasting it last night after i asked the neighbors next to me to lower there's but thats ok. I just put my tv up and thats all. They do not care about there dog nor the kids. I do say hi and smile and i pretty much avoid them all together. Dont want no part of them. Once we get our privacy fence up in backyard, that is where i would be when i go outside. They hang in front of there house everyday and night. Thank god the neighbors on our other side us are great people. I would go insane if I had the blasters on both But i wont call cops, but if they do blast there music again like they did, then they better be prepared for a blast from us with some good ole country music cause they like rap and i know they would hate country. I know I should not blast back but there is only s much of it we can take. We do not blare our music but if they want a music war, they will get one. :) Thanks for replys.:)

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Hi hidden, I forgot to mention about the dog part in your post. I only told her where the dog was cause I park my car in back and her dog is right there for me to see. Her yard is right next to mine and no privacy fence yet. hell, she dont even know where her kids are during day and everyone knows that cause she is always yelling where are the kids out the door. and her kids are very young. 3 of them and oldest is 7.

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I understand why you told her about the dog cause that poor animal shouldnt have been left out there in the pouring rain. When you went to go look at the house were the neighbors blasting their music? Thats what happen in my case, you go look at a apartment, it seems quite and then....your *@#^&! when you actually move in. I think who ever sold you the house forgot to mention the loud neighbors. I dont see this getting any better as for your fence you know how kids like to play with new things. Your best bet is to call the cops and Please dont blast your music. It will only make things worst for you and your family and they can always say you do the same. Call the polices and let them take care of it.

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Hi Hidden, I did not just come out and tell her that her dog was in back. She had asked her kids while I was talkin with her and I told her I saw him out in back when I came home from the store. But that poor dog just sits there by himself everyday and in mean time when I put my dog out they all want to play with her. I do not want kids in my yard playing with my dog. Just dont want the responsibility. My dog is well taken care of and spoiled. I wont blare our music but will just deal with them in hopes that they will move The owner of the house passed away so his kids sold it. I dont know why they did not mention it, well, obviously they wanted someone to buy it so we got the choice. We thought that there yard was like that because they were doing a clean up and never asked so that is one of the main reasons we are putting up privacy fence to. We want our dog to be able to go out and run without kids coming to fence to pet her and also I have my flowers in front. My dog does not get along with other animals. This morning when I was letting my dog out, I heard the mother yelling at her child in profanity "get the F&*^ up now, your to F**king slow. The child was crying and all kids crying. I heard it through my walls. She sits home all day and does not work. her hubby works 2 jobs. But he is no different except he seems to pay more attention to the kids then she does. With my luck she will have a computer and find this all and oh boy, then I know we will be in for a real disaster of a life I just try to avoid seeing them but have to go out through front at some point. thanks for replys.:)

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