Getting frustrated from complaints!!

dedleemihoApril 15, 2007

I've been living in my apartment for about 8 months now and I love it. It's 2 levels and 4 apartments per level. The neighbors on my level are all very friendly, easy going people. I live in a dog building (there are dog buildings and non-dog friendly buildings) and my dog is a 10 pound very trained pooch.

About 2 months ago I received a complaint that someone said I wasn't cleaning up my dog's poop and if I didn't start, they were going to take action against me. My dog poops about 3 times a week, and 2 out of 3 times it won't be at my home (he goes with me everywhere including work). When he does poop at my apartment, he does it near the dumpster and I've always picked it up and tossed it, no big deal.

Today I got a second complaint that I'm not picking up my dog's poop and on top of that 2 more complaints. #2-They added that I need to stop smoking in my apartment and in the hallway. Problem is, I don't fiance doesn't smoke..we don't have anyone over smoking. #3-They said my fiance has to stop playing music at 11:30 at night (he often carries music equipment in and out of our apartment because hes a musician, but rents a practice space in town where he actually uses it).

Sooo..the point of this post is that I've received 3 complaints. All 3 complaints are completely false. Management is threatening me, and I'm getting furious but short of collecting my dog's poop for them, letting them sniff my apartment for signs of smoking, and keeping a recording on sounds from my do I prove myself? I'm sure that it's the people directly below me (they're the only ones that don't talk to me, the man hates dogs, and everyone in my building complains about them because they smell bad and their kids run screaming through the apartment). I'm thinking they're just making up complaints to take the heat off themselves. harumph!

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First of all,whoever is complaining against you as far as the dog pooping thing goes~has absolutely no proof it is you. You need to make this clear to management that you are in fact not the only one with a dog,and that unless someone actually videotapes you not picking up your dog poop~ it is but their word against yours!
Second,tell them you strongly dont appreciate being accused of smoking when you do not! And dont be nice about it! Tell them if they want to pay for you to have a physical or bloodwork drawn to prove it,you will,but other wise get off your back!
And finally,invite the management to come visit you at 11:30 at night to see you in fact are not playing music.
I have found that sometimes,you have to complain about people who complain about you.Someone complained we leave a Floodlight on all night and it disturbs their sleep.They left a note on the door,but didnt bother telling me who they were.
I complained to the rental office that it wasnt my light,that is was in fact installed by maintaince as a measure of security.Because why the heck would I have a flood light on all night???
Dont let these people bully you.Stand your ground. Tell them you'll go over THEIR heads (if you can~write to a corparate office maybe)
Good luck.

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"Management is threatening me, and I'm getting furious but short of collecting my dog's poop for them, letting them sniff my apartment for signs of smoking, and keeping a recording on sounds from my do I prove myself? "

Tell management that you are tired of being unjustly accused and are keeping a record of each and every unsubstantiated complaint they send. Tell them if they don't get off your back (or at least let you face your accuser) you will be contacting your tenants association and/or an attorney to file a harassment complaint of your own.

You can also have the stray dog poop analyzed to see is if it matches YOUR dog's DNA.

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Sorry, you said "My dog poops about 3 times a week"

Where can I get a dog like that? I am almost 50 years old and have had dogs my entire life. They poop after breakfast and poop after dinner daily. If they don't poop at least once a day I worry.

My guess is your dog goes more than you think. Ignore the cell phone and watch.

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I'm guessing the manager or complainer has the wrong unit. Kindly let mgmt know you don't smoke and you do pick up your dogs droppings. Ask them to talk to the complainer and get the right unit number.

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This is exactly what is happening to us with the dog poop. We have a psycho neighbor who says that my teenage daughter doesn't pick up my dog's poop. Where's the proof? Now my landlord says that there's been multiple complaints about the dog poop and we have to pay $100. Is this really legal?!? I hope someone reads this even though the original post was 3 years ago.


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Your dog must be sick. I have never heard of a dog that only poops three times per week. ALL my dogs have pooped at least 2 times per day.

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