Omg!!! Nooo!!! just when everything was going good!

nctrnlApril 13, 2006

I have been in my apartment since last november & everything seemed fine for the most part. Cheap rent, decent neighbors, quiet neighborhood....

The new neighbor has been here a month (looks like a retired guy) & I have had no problem with him.... I look out the kitchen window this afternoon & what do I see parked in front of his doorstep? A motorcycle!!!!


And i sleep days (because I work nights) and my bedroom window is literally 5 feet from the parking lot.

I forsee numerous sleepless days & @ss-dragging nights at work & dangerous sleep-deprived drives to & from work on dangerous highways.

I only hope & pray that the motorcycle is not his... maybe a friend's... maybe the landlord's (who stores his boat & other items in the large shed nearby the parking lot). I didnt even hear it arrive and i have been awake all day past noon (cant sleep well this week). Where the heck did it come from?

Oh man! :(

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Well, if you didn't hear it coming in, why do you think it's going to be a problem? If he's retired, I doubt if he'll be vrooming and popping wheelies all over the neighborhood or have his biker buddies over for a bash. What's the problem as of right now? I don't see you even have one yet. It's better not to look for trouble.

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I'm a biker and have a number of biker friends. Some have quiet bikes, some do not. The bike of one of my friends is really quite loud. He won't drive it to work simply because he works early in the morning and does not want to wake up the neighborhood when he starts it. Just because you see a motorcycle does not mean it is loud and does not mean that the owner is a member of the Hell's Angels. Don't worry about a problem until it becomes a problem.

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OMG I saw a MOTERCYCLE outside!!!!!!

:) You sound like a person who needs to relax. Not only are you worried about being woke up the minute or so he would start and leave, you are worried about not getting back to sleep, and driving sleep-deprived on dangerous highways! Relax.. Doesn't sound like that big a deal to me. I live in a house and have had noisy neigbors. Right now the guy accross the street parks his truck in front of my house and blairs his truck stereo for 30+ minutes in the middle of my sleep pattern. I have learned to tune it out and fall back asleep when he leaves.

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A motorcycle parked outside is silent.

A motorcyclist doing wheelies and revving up the bike while right in front of your door is another matter.

Some motorcycles are quieter than some cars.

Lucky he doesn't have a helicopter.

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do we even know if this bike runs?

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ok everyone, haha...

nctrnl is conserned about the motorcycle; look if the "hog, chopper, crotchrocket" whatever becomes a problem, mention it to your new neighbor. If he is retired, that means he's probably (sterotype) approachable. Now if your neighbor was younger, 20 or earlie 30's, I'd say ok... you might end up with a small problem; young people like to have fun; not that they can't be reasonable. Just inform your new neighbor that your conserned about his motorcycle because you sleep during the day.

Hang in there.

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