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kaljr82January 15, 2013

My wife and I are currently building a new house, and are having trouble determining a layout of the basement. It is somehwat awkwardly shape, and we really just are struggling to figure out what we want to do.

Based on the picture, we definitely want to two bedrooms on the end of the house that have the two large windows on the exposure. And we plan to wall off the area around the furnace and hot water heater and make it a storage area.

Otherwise we would also like to have:
1. Family/home theater room
2. Weightlifting/workout area
3. Bar area

the picture provided isn't great hopefully I can find an better file.

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If you haven't started yet, I'd suggest a couple of changes off the bat: 1) more windows-unless they're in window wells in which case, don't bother; 2) eliminate the posts. (At least, the one to the left of the staircase.) Completely unnecessary with steel beams. If it's too late for those changes, plan to incorporate the posts inside dividing walls or in closets.

If you're only planning one w.c., put it between the bedrooms. That way it provides sound buffering for the bedrooms and is also accessible to the rest of the basement.

As the bedroom space is firm, I'd run a hall down the middle with one room to the right for weights and one to the left as the family room. I'd put the bar area to the "north" of the stairs. Those are your three living areas. Depending on your lifestyle you may choose to allocate the uses differently.

I finish the basement in just about every home I build. But I never draw fixed plans until the space is complete--except for the w.c.s or kitchens for which you have to run drains under the concrete and stacks.

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