Options for finishing basement stairs

raj555000January 31, 2012

The existing stairs doing into the basement are ordinary basement stairs (about 10 steps, then plywood landing and then 2 more steps). The first riser from the top is about an inch higher than the others. All 10 treads have a nose and the last 2 after at the bottom after the landing dont have any. My contractor says the height differential will not pass building codes, especially since the one in my town is very strict and the best option is to carpet it so that the height difference gets reduced to within the tolerance of the code. What do you think? I was hoping to just paint or dark stain the stairs. What are my options?



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Have you looked into runners? The link below is a company with a huge variety. They also make stair treads. Not sure if stair treads would work in your situation. Ask your contractor.

There is also a company that makes custom runners out of New Zealand wool. A runner 33" wide x 27" feet (my basement stairs) runs about $1500. RugStudio's rugs are poly-something and much cheaper.

Here is a link that might be useful: RugStudio

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Treads! I didn't think about that! Will look into thick treads that I could glue down.

For runner, I will still need to have padding underneath for the riser height differential and so the total install cost and maintenance are as much as complete carpeting.


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Home Centers will have stair treads in their millwork area. The ones I have seen are oak and about 3/4" thick. Check it out for certain, then recalculate individual steps with the added surface height.

If I interpret your original post correctly, it sounds like the steps are set up to accept treads. Obviously flooring for the landing and any treads will provide a nose for the two steps missing one.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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