curious about urn

blufishFebruary 16, 2010

hi I bought this at an auction last year. It's just over 3 feet tall and is made of some kind of metal. Its covered in embossed images of Achilles, Leonidas, the Parthenon and others. The images are added to the body, not imprinted into it. The only marking on the bottom is "handmade in greece" in white hand lettering. I don't think its old & probably not made in Greece but I've given it to a family member & would like to include a bit of information if I can find some. I think the copper is painted onto tin. Any observations are very welcome!!!

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Why do you think it was not made in Greece?

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I would suspect it is a tourist piece--there is a huge tourist craft industry there--and that's why the "HAND MADE IN GREECE" is written in English. Maybe from the immediate postwar (WWII) period, when the US was mad for European high culture?

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Thank you for your thoughts on this. I guess I just thought that anyone could hand write on something & I wondered if the printing was just added to make it more interesting at the auction. A tourist piece makes sense flyleft, thanks for posting!

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