Finish concrete walls, bath and bedroom walls later?

marys1000January 12, 2007

I would like to add finished square footage for resale but do not plan on using the basement myself.

I really really do not want to have to decide where, in my weird shaped basement, to put the bedroom. Or make decisions on the bathroom which I do not need. I am decisioned out.

If I finished the walls (all the concrete walls), ceiling and carpet -

How hard would it be for someone later to add walls for the bath and bedroom?

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if you are doing it for resale value - check with a local realtor to see if you can even include that new found footage in the "living space" of your home. I was stunned to watch a program set in Georgia where they had spent $10,000 to improve the basement and then found out it could not be included in the listing!


call the local zoning board to find out what permits you will need if any to do the work you would like to do - and how it will effect your taxes.

then may plans based on what you find out from them

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I'm pretty sure about the finished sq footage thing - its pretty common around here. The one caveat is that you can't claim a basement bedroom unless it has its own escape route (special window well, slider door on a walk out etc.)
Calling about taxes is a good idea - but if I relocate and sell it won't affect me anyway.
Still hoping for answers on the original question.
? Mary

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