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jaybirdFebruary 22, 2011

This may sound dumb, but I'm gonna' ask anyway!

I found a pair of candlesticks this weekend, that I am fairly sure are quite old and hand crafted. They have the lumps and bumps that would lead me to that assumption!

They are also COVERED with a fine(and in places NOT so fine) greasy black film. I'm guessing they were in a building that burned at some point in their lives. Washing with Dawn and warm water created dirty water, but did not clean the pewter. Then I tried the super fanciful humdinger special grease removal Dawn...more dirty water...not too much cleaner pewter.

Now what??????

If they were silver, no problem I have cleaned LOTS of silver, but this is the first time I have ever had to work on pewter. I also got a smallish coffee pot that has a handle that looks like ebony ????, the creamer and a sugar bowl. I haven't started working on those yet :^)

Many thanks in advance for any guidance.


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Pictures would help....hate to see you clean something you shouldn't clean.
But if as you say, they are pewter and they are just greasy dirty....try boiling them in an old pot....with perhaps a pinch of dishwashing dry detergent...low sudsing meant for dishwashers....just a pinch!!
Post a picture of that coffee may be britannia or chrome plated copper....or pewter.
Linda C

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Linda, I would love to show pictures, but alas no camera....I will try to catch a passing teenager to take some pictures and load them for me.
I had thought about boiling...think I will give it a try as the candlesticks are all one piece.
Thank you so much for answering.

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