Anyone at home during the day?

egt00aApril 23, 2007

I'm feeling like my complaint is really small compared to most of the others on here, but I am just wondering how unreasonable the noise level is here...

I've recently started working from home 3 days a week and I am absolutely shocked at how loud it is at my apartments during the day! And its not neighbors...its the apartment maintenance! Every day that I have been at home, I have had a LOT of trouble working because the maintenance guys are outside with some sort of motorized something - leafblower, chainsaw, lawnmower, who knows what else - and it is so loud that I have to mute my phone in conference calls because it is too distracting to other people on the calls. I can turn my television up as loud as it will go and barely be able to hear it over the noise. And this lasts from about 11am until 530pm.

I've always been one of those people who basically just slept at my apartment until now, so I just have to ask, is it that noisy everywhere during the day?

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Yes! There isn't much you can do either, because it's legitimate noise, and it's daytime. You may want to rethink your work-at-home scheme.

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I know I've been super busy at my rental houses in past couple weeks as weather has warmed: cleaning up limbs from winter, tending to weeds in the lawn, sowing grass seed, etc. If you live somewhere other than where it's perpetually warm, from a gardener's perspective, this is 'spring cleanup' time of year. Lots of pruning, trimming, cutting and hauling dead debris from winter, cleaning up straggling leaves, etc. So just a thought, perhaps some of the excess activity and noise could be attributed to the transition from winter to spring?

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A my current (soon to leave) Job, I'm home a couple days during the week. When I want to sleep in, I try my best to keeep the sunlight ut of the bedroom (thick curtains), and play CD audi books. It works like a lullaby, and screens out the sounds of everyday living. The worst, I've had were uninvited people knocking on my door trying to sell me something, or a religious group. (See my NO Soliciting post) Every once in awhile, maintanance would come in to change the air filters, or some other touch up in the units. At least they give 48 hours notice.

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