1/2 Bath - Laundry or Basement?

whaas_5aJanuary 23, 2010

I commend anyone who takes the time to read this! I am having a hard time determining which way to go.

The Projects:

1) Add a 1/2 bath to my existing 1st floor laundry room

2) Complete a basement remodel

The house stats:

3 bedroom, 2 bath

Master bed on 1st floor

2nd and 3rd bed on 2nd floor

Master bath is dual entry so it serves the first floor as well

2nd bath is on 2nd floor so it serves bed 2 and 3

Project 1 Details:

I can stack the dryer on the washer and make room for a toilet and pedestal sink.

Cost about $5,000

The Bad:

- Laundry shares space with bath.

- Dryer stacked on washer

- Tight space, need to turn sideways to get by the washer/dryer to get to the sink. Toilet has enough room

The Good:

- 1st floor now has a 1/2 bath for guests (or kids)

- Master bath can be walled off so its a true master bath vs. dual entry

- Now have the room to add a 2nd vanity in the master bath. There is current only room for 1 sink

Project 2 Details:

Basement remodel. Will add 1/2 bath, will have flooring, drywall and ceiling. One area will act as a media room/play area/office area. The other room with be a work out space. Cost is $10,000.

The Bad:

- High cost, no funds to do project 1

- Only useful if you have 2 or more kids

- Is a usable space now, but still looks like a basement

The good:

- More space to spread out for larger family

So the question...if you can only choose one, what would yield the best ROI? What makes more sense?

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I guess I'm in line for a commendation! Read it, understand it, probably can't advise you on ROI.

Personally, I would NOT combine a laundry and Powder Room into a single space - especially with the tight fit you describe. If you want a Powder Room, consider relocating the laundry to the basement. I suspect an additional bath and private master bath would be more appealing to potential buyers whenever you sell. Finish the basement in the future as needs/funds permit.

I'd suggest speaking with a local realtor. Just draw a couple sketches and stop at an office. They'll get a future lead and you'll get some market advise to aid in your decision. Good luck.

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What are the dimensions of your laundry, anyhow?

If the space is too tight, doesn't make sense to squeeze a 1/2 bath into the laundry. However, depending on your layout, you might consider the W/D become a closet that opens into the hall, with a bathroom adjacent or behind it.

If you do any major plumbing work upstairs (eg. drain for toilet), you might consider having the basement bathroom rough-in done at the same time.

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....I mean plumbing rough-in.

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#2. Its double the cost but you're getting so much more out of it. (more than double the outcome per say).

Plus the fact that it's adding value (even in todays market). You can get a loan for near 2% now a days. And if you dont want to use a bank Try Prosper.com. You'll pay a little more interest but dont need the bank.

I'm in process of finishing my basement for material cost only. :) $3000. 1400 sq ft.

Now if you can find a way to add a seperate outside entrance, you can rent it for $900 a month. Re-coupe the investment in 1 year. then enjoy it with your family for free. :)

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