Old Hutch Top- help ID' ing it please!!?

PernyFebruary 9, 2012

We bought this 25 years ago from a model home that had furnished it from an antique store-

I'm told it is a Hutch-Top- with a groove in the shelves for plates-(we used it for a book shelf!!)

It stands 51" high 51" in width an apprx 12" deep (measured to the outsides of the top "crown")

However, foreclosure-- apartment living- and now trying to empty out my storage unit-- and I've listed it on Craigslist- but haven't a clue as to a good description- nor how much to ask for it!!!



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It's the top part of a china cabinet....not terribly old....guessing about 1930. Craig's list price? Wouldn't think you could expect more than $50. I would list it for $100 or best offer.
Linda C

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oh bummer!! Guess I'll take the offer I got-- asked $500 and got offered $180 (kindof an odd offer price... butmore than $50!!)


any else want to chime in?

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I bought a French antique piece like that and use it on the long wall above my sofa, which must therefore sit 18 inches out from the wall so we don't bang our heads on it when we sit down. Sounds like you got a good price.

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I guess--- I think my wife paid $50-75 for it during the model home stuff sale (the 25 years ago)-- (you know-- that model home in the subdivision that they fill up with all kinds of unique knick-knacks-- looks like the ceiling of a TGIF's - -and then sell them all off before that last house gets converted back for the last homebuyer in the area...!)

we also got a 1940's wood propeller for $75- sold that for over $800 a couple of years ago on ebay!!

(and some other stuff too-- can't recall right now what!)

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Maybe that person saw something in that piece that's not showing up in the pictures.....take the money and run!

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