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goldyApril 4, 2004

I have lived in my apartment for over 50years .each year they give us interest off our security which is than applied to our rent.For some reason the last 10years they have not.No one ever thought about it until the bank holding the money changed hands and wrote us a letter telling us we had money.We asked the manager about it and they told us we would get it when we moved.I thought it was a law that you had to get it back each year.Am I right?Goldy

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Goldy it depends on where you live. If I were you I would call city hall and ask around. I'm sure they will direct you to the right person. If I had a tenant that had lived 50 years in one of my apartments there wouldn't be a security deposit to worry about. Goldy you aren't going to run off and leave them holding the bag are you? ;>)

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No .where would I go?It really was not me it is a friend of mine.But to make a story short I said it was me.Don't think I would give anybody my money for fifty years I would buy me a place first.But now I do live in a senior citizen building in the same town and they put our interest to our rent once a year.She lives in a low rent building and for some reason they stop.Thought I could help the old girl out .I will stop by city hall .Thanks.

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