Rust forming on new Kitchenaid dishwasher - not cvrd by warranty?

diginthedirt17January 25, 2012

We purchased the above dishwasher less than a year ago from a local appliance store. Small rust spots have been forming on the top (where the buttons are located) and moving downward, about halfway so far.

Kticheaid says this is cosmetic damage. I only wipe this down with water and a rag, I don't use any cleaner on it.

Has anyone else successfully had this repaired? or replaced? It's infuriating to spend hard earned money on an appliance that starts to rust in a few months.

I thought SS didn't rust? Also magnets stick to it...something I thought wouldn't happen to SS.

Thanks for any advice.

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here is the link....

Here is a link that might be useful: link to dishwasher

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Interesting, I just had this exact dishwasher installed a few weeks ago.

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Stainless steel does not refer to one specific alloy. There a lot of different alloys that may be called stainless steel, each one having slightly different properties due to the different ratios of metals in the alloy. At a minimum SS must contain iron(of course) and at least 10.5% chromium - this reacts with oxygen, creating an extremely thin layer of chrome oxide on the surface prevents rusting. If you are seeing rust on your SS it is most likely the surface is contaminated with iron imbedded in the surface from poor manufacturing quality control. This can be removed with what is referred to as a pickling solution (nitric and hydrofluoric acid) but I wouldn't suggest your average homeowner mess with it as these are not chemicals to be treated lightly.

In addition to chromium, many SS alloys contain nickel (along with various other assorted metals) to provide additional desirable properties to the alloy. Those that DO NOT contain nickel are magnetic. This does not necessarily make it an inferior alloy, just less suitable for constant chemical exposure.

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I was just noticing that Bosch literature makes a big deal about its high end dishwashers having "real stainless steel fascia panels." I take this to infer that some of theirs *don't* have it, and perhaps some other brands don't. I don't know what they're using instead, but it sounds to me as though the stainless "look" on some appliances is just a coating or film layer.

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Barkeeper's Friend can remove any incidental rust in stainless that may have been caused by it coming into contact with a lesser grade of steel. This can happen if the stainless came into contact with a non stainless surface during the stamping phase. It frankly is not a big deal at all. It's only temporarily cosmetic. Use the Barkeeper's Friend properly, WITH the grain, and finished off with a spray furniture wax like Pledge. That should remove any invisible steel particles that are on the surface. Rust on stainless can also be used by using improper cleaning products. Never use bleach cleaners on stainless without fully rinsing and never use any type of Brillo type scouring pad.

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I'm reviving this thread to see if anyone has more info on the Kitchenaid rusting problem. My two year old fridge began developing rust spots within 6 months and has progressively gotten worse. The fridge itself works fine. I mow need another dishwasher, and would like to get a kitchenaid, but don't want to deal with another rusting appliance.
It would be great to hear that the company has taken care of the problem??

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Bump- so no one else has heard of kitchenaid rusting?

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This has totally happened to the face of our dishwasher--all across the face and not in any pattern--and in spots on the refrigerator in the last two months. The telling point is that we barely use either as we are always on the go. They have only ever been cleaned with rubbing alcohol. There is no excuse for this to happen on these high end and expensive machines!! It's as unbelievable as it is galling that this is not covered by warranty! Seriously, I will never buy another Kitchenaid product and am sorry that I gave them my business two years ago.

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From all the postings it looks like Whirlpool Corp. Is using a plated stainless on a rustable substrate sheet. If that is true the Barkeepers Friend cleanser won't do any permanent good and might remove the coating altogether. If it is real stainless then all the posts have an easy solution: Rub the area as a previous poster recommended. If one of you is brave enough to try, Please report back to this forum so all the others can know what to do. I had to replace the front panel of a GE dishwasher that rusted through many years ago. It was so old that they were out of stock so I removed the old panel by opening up the sides of the door and unattaching it. I went to a building supply and bought a sheet of plastic that I cut to match the panel and Installed it. It was still working when I sold my house.

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I was also having the same problem the only difference is that the rust was inside the dishwasher. Then my friend told me to use critic acid or use a commercial rust remover. Whatever the cause, you can remove rust from your dishwasher with the right products.

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