Termite swarms..INDOORS!

ChargerGirlApril 9, 2013

We live in Northern NJ and have been in a rental apartment for the last 5 years. We moved in during the late spring/early summer. However, the following year, at the beginning of the spring, we had a massive termite swarm in our bedroom. Thousands of dead/dying termites. We complained to the manager and they didn't seem bothered. This continued the next year, and the next.. Last year (2012) we finally called our township housing, we left the dead termites on the floor for them to see, apparently they were horrified. An exterminator came in and sprayed. Well, last month, I sent a note with the rent check to remind them about the upcoming termite swarm season. Today is 04/9 and another massive swarm. at least 500 to 1000 dead/dying bugs all over my bedroom and now my kitchen. We would move if we could! We complained to the office and they said that they will call the exterminator.. I am so SICK of this! We pay rent on time, we are quiet hard working people that keep to ourselves and don't bother anyone.. Imagine waking up in your bed and finding your bedroom floor black with BUGS! Do have I a recourse?

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You say that you would move if you could. Why can't you move?

If yours is the only apartment this is happening in, maybe you could move to another apartment in the complex.

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The reason we can't move is because of my elderly mom is 3 blocks away, there are other complexes in the area, and we inquired.. but were told there is a waiting list. So we are essentially stuck right now. We did consider asking for a transfer, and I know this is going to sound crazy, but I would have to pay someone to move our living room furniture OUT thru the picture window and in thru another apartment window. Its too big to fit out the door. We have what's called a "common door" and our apartment door is immediately to the left, and the area space doesn't allow enough wiggle room to get the sofas out. The furniture delivery people tried for over an hour when it arrived. In addition, we do like everything else here..this is the one and only issue that happens every year..

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We would move if we could!
I am so SICK of this!
Do have I a recourse?

It doesn't seem as though the termite issue is going to go away, so you need to decide whether to stay and live with the situation or to go.

I would get on the waiting lists now. And I would get rid of that sofa now so that it isn't a hindrance when you decide to go. Having a difficult to move object does not constitute a reason for not moving.

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What graywings said. Get on the waiting lists--but check first to make sure the same problem doesn't happen in the other complexes.

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Have you called the board of health?

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There is alot more to the reasons we can't move that are not relevant to my original question. I didn't feel the need to post our personal/medical/private issues for the world to see just to explain why we can't move, its not the point nor is it is anyones business. Obviously, if we COULD have moved by now, we would have. I asked about recourse for the once a year termite swarm,. But everyone is focusing on WHY we can't move! Do you really believe that we are enjoying this? We did call housing in our town, who essentially blew us off.

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Well, we are focusing on moving because if you've tried for years to get management to deal with the problem and they won't, the easiest solution for most people is to move. It's one of the advantages of renting--if the place sucks, you can leave at the end of the year. That's your last resort recourse as a renter.

If you can't move and your management won't deal with the problem in a preventative way, but only after the bugs have swarmed, then there's not much anyone can offer to help you.

You could also check state laws about bugs in apartments and what landlords should be doing about them. There might be some legal issue at the state level that you can use to get them to act.

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