Victorian jacket? Identification

jaydahnFebruary 27, 2013


This is another item which I found at the same estate sale as the teapots I'm trying to identify. This is, I think, a Victorian, maybe mourning jacket? I am going to attach a few more pictures. It is in gorgeous condition considering the age. If you think you have any ideas of age, value etc. I would love any feedback on it :)

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here is another picture of the jacket

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All I see is a dark blob on a dark background. Please post some pictures with better lighting so the sleeve detail can be seen. And the general shape of the jacket body.

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lazygardens - try adjusting your monitor. :) I can see the jacket very well on mine so your computer's contrast may be off. It looks like late Victorian, but I'm no expert. It's absolutely beautiful!

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All the other pictures are looking OK.

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Possibly so, lazygardens, but they might look even better with your monitor adjusted. I'm looking at the jacket photos on a mini laptop and can see the detail quite well, though I would like to see the sleeves stretched out so I can tell if it's actually a jacket or a capelet.

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I don't know clothing, but that garment appears to me as old style and high quality. It is something m'lady would wear to church or a formal gathering. It could be funeral attire. My guess for a date is 1900.

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I, too, can see the pictures just fine on my iPad. Pretty jacket.

Is it handsewn?


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