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lovelyleeApril 11, 2007

Hello, I hope someone can tell me if I did anything wrong. Here is the issue. I've been living in my apartment for almost 5 years. I've seen 2 managers come and go. Many of the original tenants that lived here when I moved in have since moved out. The initial managers where immaculate and most of the tenants where settled older or mature people. Since they left, we had a couple that didn't last very long, they actually trashed the place and now we have a lady who is married to a total womanizer so I guess I can see where to attitude comes from. He comes and goes when I likes. Anyway, Every morning for about 2 weeks, I noticed a foul odor by my parking spot. I called and lft a message for the manager and she never called back. I saw her when I came home from work and she said that no one had a pet and that there was nothing that she could do about a dog doing its business behind the concrete block of my parking spot. I don't know of dogs that would care about hiding when they did it or dogs that would come to the exact same place by themselves and do it.

Anyway, I stopped cleaning it up, put a sign up and I wrote a letter to the management company (certified mail with pictures)because I don't have a pet and I don't want to get caught up when it comes up or if someone got ill from all the pet doo. It is a health hazard. She called be going off saying that I disturbed her the morning that I contacted her because it was so early in the am. I apologized but I still didn't get a callback.

She even said, someone else had the same problem but didn't do what I did. He parks a couple of spaces away and he is older and probably wouldn't complain. Plus after I decided not to clean it up for days, the dog probably said, I'm not going to poo on her spot so the owner let him roam the another spot. I looked this morning and I saw poop still on his spot. The management company contacted her instead of contacting me but if anything happens, I have proof that the problem was brought up and that I don't have the pet. Am I wrong? What avenue would you have taken?

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I live in a building which allows cats only. In order to have this priveledge however, we have to adhere to keeping our apartments free of odour and damge. Because bagged litter broke coming down the garbage shute in the past.... we must take used litter directly to the refuse room personally.
What you have done the correct thing...don't berrate yourself. It appears those you have contacted, are shirking they jobs. I can't recall whether you said you contacted the building's owner.... this might be an avenue. good luck, and stick to your guns here.

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Apart from whether you were right or wrong, I have another question - since when is it your job to clean up the surface of your parking space? Isn't that something that should be done by mgmt during the day?

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No, you didn't do anything wrong. It's so frustrating when people think they did something wrong just because someone else has a bad reaction. Again, you didn't do anything wrong. Your apartment management is in the wrong. Keep documenting every conversation, taking photos, etc. Look up the tenant laws in your state and when all else fails, sue them in small claims court. That's what I'm going to do, and I don't feel bad about it either. Good luck to you!

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Does management park there cars here? I wonder how they would feel if all of a sudden the dog started going here?!

Dogs like to go where they have gone before. They also have a much more acute sense of smell. Try sprinkling cayenne or black pepper around your parking space.

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Go out when it's dark and move it to the spot behind the manager's car.

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