Curry Smells in lower apartment

rkjkaApril 17, 2006

I manage an apartment building and we have had several complaints from the 2nd floor apartment regarding the first floor apartment. The people that live in the first floor apartment are from India and they use alot of curry and other spices when they cook. It is going through the vents to the 2nd floor apartment. Does anyone know of anything that could eliminate this smell? Both tenants are wonderful and I would really like to resolve this problem.

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Honestly, they need to get over it. It really just sounds like the upstairs neighbors are being racist. It's a free country there is no tenant law or ANY LAW ANYWHERE that says you can't cook with curry. Maybe the Indian neighbors don't like the smell of rump roast or bbq ribs.
Now if the upstairs neighbor is allergic to curry (highly doubt it) and they bring you a doctors note, that is when something should be done.

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I'm 50/50 on this one. There isnt much you can do about the smell and there isnt a law against CURRY. I have the same situation also. Right behind my living room there an Indian woman and she sometimes cooks with her spices curry and I cant take it but what can you do. It is a very strong smell. I burn candles open windows and thanks god when it leaves. Why dont you try to get them to move to the top floor but I still feel it will carry out into the halls. This is a no win situation. Good luck

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Well, you can pay a lot of cash to have the ventilation systems separated. Or change the filters on that system frequently. That's about it, and even that will only lessen the fragance.

People really just need to get used to curry, it's not like it's something rank, it's just a spice melange. A mighty tasty one at that. Dealing with the fragrance of other people's cuisines is just one of the trials of apartment living.

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Actually most complexes have an item/clause in their contracts stating the smells coming from an apartment that causes other tents to complain is a violation of their apartment agreement. This fixes this problem. This is a valid complaint. If this was a problem with a cat box smell, would you treat it any different? No. As any other issue for an apartment complex, it's complex if you donÂt think logically. Remember ethnics and religious issues can be avoided if generic but specific terms are used in the renters agreement contract. If there is no room for arguments itÂs a lot easier to solve.

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That is true. Most leases do have it written that a tenant cannot create odors. That includes burning incense, strong cooking odors, pet odor, or even BO so strong that it reeks out of an apartment into the halls.

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While I have no objections to the smell of curry (or most other foods), perhaps you could supply/recommend air purifiers to your tenants or run them in the hallways? My air purifier does a great job of killing cigarette smoke, cooking odors, etc. It's a Honeywell and wasn't particularly expensive. Mine manages to keep up with a 900sqft apartment just fine.

I wish my property management company would employ them in the hallways, as the common areas can get rather funky, depending on who's doing what.

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If that is your biggest complaint you are lucky!

It seems this is a very fixable situation. Curry is actually more pleasant smelling than DOZENS of other things. I feel for the people who are encumbered with cat pee and cigarette smoke. Get yourself an air purifier and thank god you have wonderful neighbors. Maybe they'll invite you to dinner some night!

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Your tenant is complaining about cooking odors?! UNBELIEVABLE! That is nothing compared to what my family is dealing with! We have upstairs neighbors who are extremely noisy & rude. They let their kids run around all the time & never make then go to bed. There's always a loud tv/stereo on up there, 24 hours a day. These people never sleep, never leave their apartment & there's constant noise. Banging, pounding, yelling, dropping heavy stuff all the time. Let your complaining tenants come deal with this crap, then they'd have the right to complain! JEEZ!

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