Identifying / Valuating this Table

vanfurnFebruary 1, 2012
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Easier to view...

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Nice table but certainly not antique.

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No, not antique but with the castors, I suspect it's older than one would think, given the style. It's vintage. To the O.P. the more info you give, the easier it makes to define the parameters of what we're working with. Did you get this the same time as the other piece you posted about, is is supposed to be a set?

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I believe they were purchased at the same time as a set, though I don't know if they were originally intended to be a set.

Given that people seem to think they are nowhere near the same age, I guess that goes without saying.

I really don't know much. They were passed on to me by relatives and while I appreciate their design and craftsmanship, I am just not the person best suited to get the most out of having antique decor for my own use.

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I just bought a table very much like yours, was listed on Craigs list. Does your table open/close with a crank? That part was not operable on mine so we removed it for the time being. There is a small metal plate above the place where the crank would be inserted. It says Peppercorn Bros. Ltd depford Broadway
Could you possibly take a picture of the underside of your table? I think mine has more boards under it than your table appears to have. Mine came with two leaves, one wider than the other. And I paid $100 for it. Really needs to be refinished.... I don't know how to post pictures here but I'd love to compare our tables!

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A picture of the underside of the table...

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Thanks for the picture vanfurn, I will save it so I can compare our tables.

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