Conversion to unvented crawlspace - expectations?

jamesbodellJanuary 7, 2008

After much preparation, I am now about to complete my crawlspace "project".

My 25x18 crawlspace is about 2' high and has a dirt floor over granite. Over the last few years I have been digging out the dirt to create space to work 1 5 gallon pail at a time. I also have been removing lose rock and wood which the PO used to crawl on and not get dirty, but really seemed to just feed the mold.

In order to prevent drafts, I have pushed 2" polyisocyanurate foil faced board between the floor joists. This had a limited effect.

The foundation walls are lose rubble capped with one course of concrete block, then the sill. I have been slowly filling the gaps in the block and stone with spray foam.

I have installed a sump with drain to the outside.

The last step is about to be taken, I am having the CleanSpace Encapsulation System installed.

So, my question is, how effective should I realistically think the Cleanspace System will solve my draft/heating problems?

How much saving should I expect to see in my heating bill? Maketing material states about 10-15%. I would really prefer to just have the house warm up efficiently.

One last question: Should I install a baseboard heater down there? It would be easy to tap one in as the pex heating lines pass right through the space. Or am I better just dehumidifing the space?

I am also considering whether I should remove the foam boards I installed between the joists.


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I would be worried about "The foundation walls are lose rubble capped with one course of concrete block, then the sill.

Before you spend another cent consult a structural engineer. That foundation depended on the earth holding it up. You took away one side of the earth, the next big rain the foundation might crumble and the house fall.

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