neighbors from hell

tammysawischApril 22, 2013

i live in old apt complex of 3 apts and 3 tenants. I live on top floor. everywhere i walk, there is a squeak, pop, creek sound.everyone is aware of this, but they still complain. my son has adhd/odd that is 8yrs old and has some tantrums and these people knew the conditions and about him!! they lie and say i abuse him or neglect him. they vandalize our mailbox. they vandalize the porch and foyer, and blame us. my landlord manager doesn't believe that since we have lived here 2yrs with no issues. i pay my rent on time. there is no noise ordinance for day hours, but there is at night! my kids cannot play without someone pounding on my door cursing us out. my baby is fast approaching 1 and has tendacy to cry and kick and makes noise on flooring...they get angry and pound on my door and floors and in the stair well walls!!telling my children to shut the F up! but its ok for them to be loud at 9:30pm til 2am with laughing loudly, slamming doors so hard it bounces my baby in baby bed, and pounding on walls n floors. my baby will not sleep in his bed anymore, clings to me at night, and cries in sleepiness and exhaustion. and then they pound harder when he cries! my 8yr old now is so tired he got in trouble at school (1st time ever this year he was doing so well), claims his stomach hurts all the time due to stress, and throws more tantrum since all he can do without them pounding and cursing us is watch tv! he has no way to burn off energy. the woman who got this started is addicted to lortabs and since i do not party myself to these people...she is angry cause I won't hang out with her. she is a drama queen! she talked to the other teenage tenant and she has her getting in trouble! i am moving in alittle over 5weeks, but that seems so far away when NO ONE can sleep upstairs! and when we go outside the girl who got this started that taught her 17yr old n 14yr old its ok to create drama with everyone...she lies and calls cops stating we flipped her daughter off n said F you to her. then cops show tell us not to do it again but truly don't do anything. they don't pacify the situation at all. when they are called they don't haul people off to jail and stuff. just humiliate us in the neighborhood and leave! I do not know what to do everyone! it is getting OLD! I feel like I am in an old movie that NEVER ends!

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You are moving in 5 weeks. Just concentrate on that.

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i'm currently living in a downstairs apartment with an 8 years old living upstairs with his parents, when i first got here everyone was so nice and walking with consideration, as time goes by they felt it best to just run jump tramp and walk as loud as they can, i would simple call nicely and ask his mother to calm him down and she would send him in the yard to play however i got tired of doing for one year , his aunt one day told me i should learn to bare up and not complain, the funny thing is i don't ask them to bare when rent or any other bill is due i pay all my bills and all i'm asking for is a little respect for my money and a little quiet. on a daily basis this kid plays with his ball in the house they all walk with their shoes on in the house he plays catcher in the house and he beats the floor as a drum . persons who live above should have consideration for others we all work hard for our monies at the end of the day you don't want to hear some kid jumping over your head and you are exhausted.

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