Flooding...just lovely.

rivkadrApril 10, 2005

So I got woken up yesterday at 8:30 by pounding and hammering from the apartment upstairs, as they installed new carpet and did who knows what else which took all day (and what irked me was that I was given no warning from the office -- if I had known that was going to be happening, I would have made plans to be out elsewhere, or not stayed out so late the night before. Did not appreciate getting woken up at 8:30 on a Saturday morning!)

But this morning, I wake up to find an inch of water in my second bathroom and hallway, coming through the light fixtures from upstairs. And it isn't clear water -- I have pooh water running through my apartment right now. And with it being Sunday morning, it could take a while for them to get someone here.

Just venting. Am very frustrated with this complex -- good news is, I'm buying a house this summer :)

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I'm with you rivkadr. Who needs to live like this? I've finally saved enough to buy a house after four years of living in apartments. Apartment life is hell-on-earth -- you have little to no control over the environment you rely on to maintain your sanity and security. Glad to hear you're getting out, too.


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And...I've been flooded again, this time in the kitchen. Because they didn't clean the water up well enough from the flooding last week. Unfrickinbelievable. I had better not get charged for this carpet when we move -- my cat may have peed on it in a few places, but this is the third time that the carpet has been soaked by sewage water.

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Next day...my ceiling is now bulging, because it's full of water.

Use this as a lesson, folks. I don't have renter's insurance. I think I'm going to end up regretting that real soon.

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Is someone coming to fix it? Are you staying there, or have you moved to a friend's house? Try to get as much as possible of your stuff off the floor!

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Maintenance has been here -- they've scraped all the popcorn off the ceiling throughout the kitchen/entrance area. The drywall/sheetrock is soaked, but supposedly the water has all been cleaned up above it, and so it should be drying out now. I'm not sure whether or not I buy this, since it's the third time I've been assured that everything is dry, only to have things continue to get worse. They're coming later to poke some holes in the drywall and do some tests to see how wet it is up there.

Thankfully, this is only in the kitchen, and not one of the bedrooms or closets -- if it continues to get worse, then I will raise holy hell, but there's nothing in the kitchen that can really get damaged. I'm just paranoid to leave the apartment now or go to sleep, because everytime I do, something awful happens!

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Sweet Jesus. Here it is two days before I move...and I'm being flooded again. This time from below -- the shower in the master bathroom is backing up. I called the office three times today, and no maintenance people have come. I keep bailing out the shower area (which only allows for about 2-3 inches of standing water) ... thankfully, the backup is fairly slow, so I don't have to do it constantly, but really, this is ridiculous.

I am SOOOOOOO glad to be moving!!!

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you don't need rental insurance when the fault lie no with dear brutus, but with the brutes....

Document, video tape, take still pictures..

you need proof

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