Need help, Satsuma urn/ginger jar. Is it real or reproduction?

roxanne81February 26, 2010

Hi, my mother purchased this jar over 15 years ago at an antique auction. There are no markings on the urn. I took several pictures of it from all angles. I have seen price ranges on ebay from $30 to $2000. With that much of a price range, I would really like to know what it is worth. If its a reproduction then its not worth selling it especially since she paid a descent amount. Thanks for all your help!

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My friend the Oriental pottery collector says it's hand made....not a repro...has some age....and she says she wouldn't sell it until you find out what it is....
Worth more than $30 for sure!! some research....words to google are Kyoto ware and satsuma.
Good luck, it's an amazing piece!
Linda C

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The decorations are beautiful and well made.

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Thanks for the info so far. I've researched and just can't seem to find any solid info.. the search continues!

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Hi, I'm wondering if you were able to find out anything about your vase. I have a similar one and am trying to find out its value.


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